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Deb's Dachshund Blog

What size collar should I get?

In most cases a cat collar that is adjustable. These puppies are very small at this time and dog collars are just to big. If it is adjustable you may be able to use it for a couple of months. Later you will want to invest in the harness type, although, they are a small dog they are all muscle.

What kind of toys should I get

They like just about everything, but, right now the soft and lighter weight toys. They love anything they call pull on and chase. Most of them love a game of tug of war, they have played it with their litter mates for a couple of weeks now. Wal-Mart on the check-out lanes has dog toys that are 88Cents each, good way to find what your dog likes without spending a fortune. Dollar shops are another good outlet to find toys. A few rawhide chews would be great right now, puppies like to chew on anything and everything, give them something to take care of this urge.

What kind of puppy pads do you use?

I get OUT brand, I get the new premium ones whenever possible, they are much thicker, have a gel center, and a much thicker plastic backing and protect your floor better. I have found the premium ones only at K-Mart so far. Second choice it OUT brand designer puppy pads. They are not quite as thick, or have as much plastic backing but, they are much better than the OUT deluxe. I find the second two at Wal-Mart. Any of the puppy pads will work. Short of ordering over the internetor mail order these are my best buys, but, I do not have access to the larger pet stores.

What kind of food do you feed your puppy and what kind of food should I buy?

I feed a combination of 2 foods, to give my new owners an option of foods they have access to. The combination is a 1/2 each of , Science Diet Puppy, and Pro Pac Puppy. They prefer the Pro Pac and I would feed only that if I knew my new owners had access to it. I get Pro Pac from the local feed and seed, I do not know if it is available in PetSmart or chain like that I do not have one near me. You can choose either of the two you do not have to have a combination. Their little stomachs are use to them all and should not cause them to be sick to their stomachs from a change in food.

What if I want to use a different food than what you feed my puppy can I just switch them over?

I would recommend that you don't, the reason being, puppy stomachs are very sensitive and you could cause them to have diarrhea or throw up. If you want to make a switch because your vet recommends something else or you prefer something else, this is what I would do. For the first week use one of the foods the puppy is use to, he or she is in a new place and at least the food would be familiar. The second week, use 3/4 of the food the puppy is use to and 1/4 of the food you are switching to. The third week use 1/2 and 1/2. The fourth week use 1/4 of the food the puppy is use to and 3/4 of what you want to switch. The fifth week switch all the way over. Do this in at least one week intervals, 2 weeks or more if you want. An 8 lb bag of dog food for one of these dogs will last a long time.

How do I contact you?

You can contact me via e-mail at deb@mydachshunds.net or you can call me at 417-294-8837. I welcome any questions or inquiries.

Do you keep in contact after your puppies go to their new families?

I am more than willing to keep in contact. It makes my day when I receive pictures or letters from the new families. I may write an e-mail every now and then, I do not want to be a pest. Some of the families keep me updated quite often. Others only right after they get their new family member. I hope for updates always.

How do I know after purchasing a puppy and before the puppy is shipped to me that the puppy is okay?

I try to keep you updated with pictures every 2 to 3 days. You are welcome to call at anytime and ask questions. I do understand this concern and want you to be as comfortable with the situation as possible. This is a big decision and it is even more difficult when there are miles between, you and your new baby. Any time you want an update, I am more than willing to make it so.

Do you have a waiting list?

I have a small waiting list at this time, people looking for a very specific type of dachshund. The most popular for my list are long haired dachshunds, and some more specifically, long hair silver dapple.

Can I get on your waiting list and if so how?

You need to e-mail me or call me. We can talk, I am picky about where my babies go, so I may have some questions for you as well as you having them for me. I only have 1 to 4 litters a year so the wait could be quite a while. If you are looking for a baby raised in a home setting, with lots of love and affection it is worth the wait. The championship bloodline is a plus, but, not the most important aspect of my babies lives.

Do you show your dogs?

No, I don't show, I have been ask that before. There are a few reasons. I don't really have the time when I do have puppies in the house. The are a lot of work, a lot of fun and a lot of love. I have heard that it is extremely expensive to show, I keep my price reasonable as I want to have the best family setting for my babies to have homes. Showing also would take me away from home and I don't really trust anyone to come in hear and take care of my babies the way I do. They are loved up and extremely well taken care of before you add them to your family, I want to keep it that way.

Who does your web site?

I do all the work on my web site. It is an ongoing process and it is always changing. I know enough to get by fairly well, there is always more to learn, but, sometimes there just isn't time.

How many litters of puppies have you had?

The litters that are available as of March and April of 2006 are my 7th and 8th litters over the past 5 years. I only have a few girls and we do not breed every cycle. We want no more than 1 litter a year from our girls and sometimes we don't even do that. The health of our girls is very important to us. They are just as much our babies as the little puppies are. The get the best of care and lots of love. They are treated better than my children according to the kids. The kids are grown up and on there own, it is my husband and I that raise the 4 legged family.

Will the puppy be socialized with other dogs?

The puppies are socialized with the dachshunds I have here and one very old, and cranky shitzu poodle mix that is 12. The have learned who loves to play with them and who is cranky. I do not have other types of pets, as far as cats, birds or fish.

Is my puppy socialized to people?

They are handled from day one with lots of love and affection from my husband and I. They get the run of the house when they are about 5 to 6 weeks old. By then they want to run, they are pretty well trained to the potty pads and they need to be out and about. We can not keep our hands off of them most of the time. They will be face kissers and lap sitters once they run some energy off after a nap. They are not left in a kennel or a cage all day. Once in a while we have one of the kids or grandkids by and they get to meet them. I also take them to the vet and when they are nearing the time they will be off to their new families I take them to the mall where my husband works and they meet many people. They are always a hit and they take to other people very well. It always makes my vet's day when I bring in my puppies, because, he loves baby puppy kisses.

What is your vaccination schedule?

I give a 5-way at 6 weeks of age, and the vet gives a 5-way at 8 weeks of age. You will have to get a 5-way at 11 weeks and a rabies at 12 weeks. I recommend that you give the rabies and the 5-way on these different weeks in some rare cases giving them both at the same time can cause a bad reaction. If for some reason there is a reaction it can be pinned down to the right vaccine.

What is your worming schedule?

I had been following a schedule of every two weeks or 14 days, I am now following a schedule of every 10 days. I recently found out that the life cycle of some of the parasites is 10 days and that if you follow the 10 day schedule any undeveloped parasites do not have a chance to develop. As the puppies get older they should be on at least a monthly schedule.

Who is your vet?

I am willing to give contact information if you are serious about buying a puppy. He has a very busy practice so I don't want to overwhelm him with calls.

Do you have references I can contact?

Yes. I will provide that information when requested by serious new families who would like to add one of my babies to their home. You can also check out my family feedback pages. I try to keep that as current as possible and there are pictures of some of the puppies as they have grown and what their families have to say.

We have a big dog, do dachshunds get along well with large dogs? We have a cat, how are dachshunds with cats? We have another older pet at home do dachshunds get along with them?

I grouped this all into one area so I don't have to repeat the same answer several times and bore youto tears. I have dachshund puppies in all of these situations. Two of them who have best friends that are labs and golden retrievers. Some of them have cats that share their new homes. It most cases it is not the new puppy who has much of a problem once they meet and greet the other family members including the pets. They want to be friends almost immediately. Generally it is the established pet who says whoah wait a minute what the heck is this all about. When you first bring the puppy into the household you will want to hold him/her in your lap and let the other pets come and check the puppy out. This will establish to your pets at home that yes this intruder is excepted by you and you want this baby here. Some of the pets will be offended and others will think you brought them their own personal new baby to take care of. Once the initial meet and greet has taken place then you need to let the puppy down with you extremely close by and see what will happen. You will have to keep a watchful eye until you know how they will act together. Most of the bigger dogs take care of the new puppy like it was their baby. Most of the cats I have been told go to a safe perch and watch for days. I have been told of one of the older bigger dogs going outside for most of the time for a couple of days until he decided the puppy was here to stay and then came in and now they cuddle together. It may take a bit of adjustment but, most of that will be for the pet you already have. I had a little show of pay attention to me here at the house with one of mine. The puppies have been taking a lot of time and my time with the adults ran even shorter than usual one day. Well Bosco one of my males came in from outside holding his front leg up and hobbled across the room and fell over. Scared me to death, we have snakes here I thought maybe he had been bitten, or got his leg caught and broken. I checked him over real good and found nothing. I sat in a room alone with him and checked him over good and still found nothing. I was holding him and getting the phone to dial the vet's office for an appointment when a car drove by and he hopped down from my lap ran like the dickens thru the doggy door and outside to bark at the car, not a limp at all. He was fine, just wanting some extra attention. So you may want to bring a new toy home along with the puppy for your baby that has been there forever and give your current pet a little extra love and attention. Praise the pet when he is good with the new baby so your established pet knows exactly what you are looking for him/her to do.

What do I need to bring to the airport when I pick up my puppy?

Here is the list. First off bring your I.D. and the confirmation number that was given for the flight. Also, bring a puppy pad or two, some puppy food, some water, a small collar 6 to 10 inch adjustable, a leash. You may want to bring just a little bit of white corn syrup just in case they are a little slow to get motivated. Small puppies sometimes have a low blood sugar after flights and need just a little boost. They will be very ready to get out of the travel crate, they will need to potty, eat and drink. They will be ready for lots of love and assurance. I would like for you to call me just as soon as possible to let me know that the puppy has made it and is doing okay, I will give you my prepaid cell number for that as they will probably make it to you before I make it back home from my trip to the airport.

How and when do I get the puppies paperwork?

I will e-mail you the vaccination and worming schedule around the date of the flight. The registration form, pedigree, disk with pictures, vet visit paperwork and a copy of the health certificate will all be sent to you via certified with a return receipt a day or two after you have gotten your new baby. I must make sure that everything has gone as expected. I must make sure that you are the one that gets the paperwork and the airlines does not want the paperwork to go with the puppy.

Where are the puppies born and where do they stay when they are growing up?

The nursery is my dining room. They are born right there and until they are old enough to fend for themselves they have a pen that is 5 foot by 6 foot. As they get a little older they are able to run the main part of the house when they are awake. They are able to go outside on the back porch only until they are 7 weeks old. After 7 weeks and their 1st of a series of 3 puppy shots has taken full effect they get to go out in the yard. I take no chances with parvo. I have not had and do not want it to be a problem EVER. They are pretty much potty pad trained by the time they get to run through my home so we don't have to watch their every move. They are loved up from day one, socialized with the adults, and socialized with humans as far as my husband and I go. They get to meet a few new people when they go to the vet.

Do you crate train them?

I crate train them as far as it not being something totally new to them. I want them to be use to it to some extent so they don't get crazy about being in one when they go on their flights to their new homes. When they are small I let them go in and out of one as much as they want. As they get older and it gets within a couple of weeks of them going to their new homes I start putting them in one when they are ready for a nap two at a time so they are not alone. Then a week before the flight I put them in one when they are ready for a nap by themselves, so they are use to being by themselves in a crate and associate it with a pleasant nap time event. Then when they are on the flight they are calm and make the transition smoothly from my home to yours.

Do we have to keep the name you gave the puppy?

No, not in the least. If their is a name that you have chosen for your new baby before you get him or her, just let me know and I will start to use that name so it will be familiar. I usually use a combination of the name I have given the baby and the name that you have given the baby.

How will my puppy adjust to a new home?

Each puppy is a little bit different. Most people tell me that they are very happy to be out of the crate and love them up immediately. When they get them home they are surprised at how quickly once shown where the potty pad is that they use it. They are usually very easy to train to outside training. I have had a couple of people tell me that the puppy was whining and heading toward the door. They thought that they wanted to be held and the new owner figured out that they were trying to tell them they needed to go outside. They were just shocked that it would be that easy. The first day or so they will probably want to explore and be very happy. The second or third day they will start looking for their siblings and my look and then whine when they can't find them. They will need some extra attention and love at that time. They may not sleep through the night. I try and give a bit of wet food, a few tablespoons before bed, it extends the time I get to sleep as they are sleeping. As far as the crate goes, they will either love it or hate it at this time. It will either be their safe place, or the place they don't want to go for a while as it meant such a change. Sometimes the puppy will end up in their new parents bed for a few days and and then put their new bed next to yours and then a week or so later put the bed where you want it to be. They are in need of a lot of reassurance at this point that they are safe. If their are any questions to this adjustment period feel free to contact me

What is the procedure once I see a puppy on the internet?

You make the initial contact either by e-mail or by phone. We do a mutual interview or sorts to get a feel for each other. I am very picky about who gets these babies and I am sure you are going to be very picky about who you are getting your baby from. If we agree on each other, then we arrange at least a deposit. I generally use paypal. You can either make a payment if you know how to or I can request a payment. I require at least what it will cost to ship as a deposit, once I make the arrangements the flight is set. I will make flight arrangements as soon as the airline will let me and give you the information and the confirmation number after you make your deposit. I will keep you updated in between and at least 48 hours before the flight I require the rest of the payment be made. I will take payment in full if you want ahead of time, I like it like that but, I do understand if you want to wait. I will keep you updated to the vet visit for the health certificate and keep contact every step of the way. If no final payment is made then I will be unable to send the puppy and the deposit will go to pay for a flight that has not been used.

How do you ship your puppies?

I use one of only two airlines. Whichever has the best flight for the puppy to the airport they serve that is nearest to you. Sometimes you will have to take a drive to get your new baby. I will set up flights most of the time for a Wednesday or a Thursday one of the two days off that my husband has as we have a 300 mile one way trip to the airport. If you live close enough we could make arrangements for meeting or a delivery. I have met people at the airport that I use. I still will ask for a delivery charge and the amount will depend on what kind of mileage it will take for me to meet with you. The price of the shipping will depend on which airline and or how many miles it will take to meet with you.

How does a plane ride effect a puppy?

I have been told that puppies handle the plane ride very well. Once the engines of the plane start and there is that vibration they settle in for a long nap. During layovers they feed and water the babies. Once they get to where they are going they are ready to get out and do everything. Kisses, affection, potty, have a drink and eat and run if they get a chance. That is why there is the list of what to bring to the airport with you.

Can I ask further questions if I don't find the question or answer here?

Yes, most definitely. I want you to be comfortable. I want to know that you know everything that you need or want to know. I will also add to this page when there is something new that I haven't been ask before, or have been ask and forgot to add it to the page.

What do you provide with the puppy?

When the puppy goes by airplane, he will be in the crate. I will later send in the mail, the AKC Registration Form, (I can not send this in for you, it is your choice to register and it requires your signature), the health certificate should be attached to the crate, but, I also send a copy of my copy. I send a litter registration pedigree, and pictures I have taken on a disk of your puppy.

How do I make a payment?

I use paypal for the most part. Other arrangements can be made but, it needs to be well in advance of the flight. If you know how to use pay pal you will only need my e-mail address. If you don't know how to use pay pal, I will e-mail you a request for payment from pay pal and you will need your credit card.

How do I potty train my puppy?

That has been started for you. Expect some accidents, but, not as many as you might think. Figure out where you are going to put a potty pad and make sure that your puppy knows where it is. I would suggest at first you may need one in each room. I would definitely put one by the door that you are going to take the puppy outside the house at. I would take one outside where you want the puppy to go potty. If you take your puppy to the same spot to potty all the time then that will be their spot and you won't have to go through a mine field in your yard all the time. When you take your puppy outside to potty, when they do, pick them up praise them, give them lots of love and then let them down to play and explore a bit. If you don't give them the time to explore or play a little bit, they will learn, I get to go outside, yeah, I do what I am suppose to do, yeah, then it is either, they scoop me up and I go inside, boo, or I get to play a bit, yeah. If you scoop them right up and take them in then they will learn, goof off till I can't stand it anymore so I get some play time outside while they wait for me to do my thing and I get scooped up to go inside. I have been told that they are very quick to transition to going outside. I have had several reports of with in a day or so, they get it and are more than ready to go outside. You would still be able to use the pads inside when you are not able to take them out while at work or have to leave. They can only control their bladders and such for a few hours. If you are going to use the pads all the time because of apartment living I would highly suggest putting the pad in a cat litter box and teaching them how to use it that way to protect your floor.

Should I get a well puppy check when I get my puppy here?

I would highly suggest it. I want you to know for sure your baby is healthy, did not suffer any ill effects from the plane ride. It also doesn't hurt to get to know your new vet, or for your pet to get to know your vet the first time without having to have a shot. There will be a shot required 3 weeks after the puppy has his health certificate done. He gets his second puppy shot the same day that the health certificate is filled out. That will be the puppies second in a series of 3 puppy shots and I will provide you a schedule of when it was done. There is one other thing to look for that can happen if the puppy becomes stressed and there is a parasite that can become active at this point, so a fecal should be done. Although the airlines requires that puppies and other pets have their health certificates, your puppy will be travelling with other animals in the same room in their respective crates, so there is a possibility that one of them could spread something to your puppy that wasn't apparent before they went on their trip.