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In Memory of Some Very Special Friends.

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In Memory Of

In Memory of Keiko

Keiko has left us to go on to her place in the next life on August 27, 2010. What a beautiful and happy playful girl she was while we had here with us. She was almost 2 and never had any puppies because she was just getting of age to do so. She is missed terribly as it was such a shock that this happened when we thought she was in recovery. She found something in the yard to eat she was not suppose to that caused a blockage. We had a successful surgery to remove it but, it could not be identified by me or the vet. She was on the mend for 4 days and doing great when she either threw a clot or had a stroke, or a bacteria entered her blood from what ever the unidentifed object was and she went into a seizure that she was unable to come out of so we let her go peacefully to the heaven that is waiting for her.

In Memory of Gidget

Little Miss Gidget passed on the 9th of March. She was the sweetest funniest little gal and she is missed terribly and will always be missed, she held a very special part of my heart and that will always be reserved just for her. She developed severe anemia during her pregnancy, she had two blood transfusions but, her anemia returned with a vengeance after both times and we could do no more for her and had to make the difficult decision after she lost her puppies to let her go rest with them.

Mademoiselle Ginger

February 1997 to November 2009
Ginger fondly known as Ginner was or very first girl dachshund. She has been a wonderful loving part of our life. She was the boss and everyone of the others let her be alpha dog always. She passed of natural causes brought on by age, but, there are many many fond memories of her as part of our lives for almost 13 years. We miss her terribly and always will. She only gave us one litter of puppies but, that was just fine with us. We still have one of her son's Bosco and one of her daughter's Sylvie and so she lives on in our lives through them.

Mademoiselle Elizabeth

February 1997 to September 2009
Elizabeth, fondly known as Izzy to us has been a wonderful part of our life and family. She was one of our first two girls and lived a long lively life up until the end when death from natural causes came quick and quietly. We will always hold a place in our hearts for her and will remember her with only the best of memories and stories. We will miss her as she joins her daughter Madellyn in the life there after.

February 2007 to January 2008
Our Sincerest Condolences to Eric and Doug
Before her death Lorelei got to travel a lot of our beautiful country in the cab of the Semi with Doug and Eric.
Little tiny Miss Lorelei was a beautiful little lady always. She was attacked by a dog owned by a neighbor and died from her injuries a few hours later. Even full grown she was only 5 lbs but, had the heart of a dog a hundred times her size. She will be missed not only by her family but, all who came into contact with her. Lorelei means legendary siren, who wins the heart of those who come in contact with her and she definitely lived up to her name. She was just a little under a year old, not nearly long enough.

Lorelei's Page She was adopted in Missouri in April of 2007

Miss Maddellynn

Maddy's Gallery

Miss Maddellyn known to us as Maddy was the first and only girl from our first litter ever. She was an absolutely wonderful girl and tragically died in an accident. She was such a happy girl and absolutely excellent mom and she brought so much to us and our lives. She will always be special and have that part of our heart reserved just for her. We will miss her always!!!!!

In Memory of Ani

Tragically Ani was killed by an owl at 7 1/2 months. She is going to be missed terribly by Jan and we wish her our sincerest condolences.
Thank you for your compassion during this time. It is so hard to deal with right now. I've been getting ready to retire and she was going to be my 'baby' and companion. I was widowed a few years ago, Larry was only 47 and my best friend in my whole life and now this. Yes, it is very, very difficult for me. It has affected me much more than I thought it would. Like my boyfriend says, "She just loved me sooo much, I was her mommy." Everytime she'd run to me she'd get so excited, I was always worried she'd hurt herself, she wiggled and jumped and twisted so excitedly. I visited your website this morning and noticed Ani's web pages were gone, that was very thoughtful of you, but you can put her pictures on there if you'd like and a nice memorial page would be appropriate too. She was too beautiful and precious to forget and to not share and enjoy her occasionally wouldn't be right either. This might sound strange and hurtful for me, but I plan on having one of her pictures enlarged and framed so I can still enjoy looking at her happy little face.
Also, thank you for the offer a shoulder. Luckily I've had lots of shoulders here at work and with friends, and I've definietly used some of them. So many people here were in Ani's life too, they also are griefing her loss.
Thank you and please keep in touch.

Ani's Gallery


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