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Adopted Rhode Island October 2008

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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Deb!
We have had a very busy year. Ryan and I got married and moved to Maine!
Widget loves it here. She gets to go on lots of hikes and she has her own part of the yard where we let her dig to her heart's content. We got our first snow of the season a few days ago, and Widget had a blast burrowing and chasing snowballs. Of course, she has her own little jacket so she doesn't get too cold (she's quite the little princess!)
She has an amazing personality and she makes us laugh every day.
I'm sending you a picture of Widget helping us pick out a Christmas tree :)
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and we send lots of hugs to all your long little doggies!
Kristy, Ryan and Widget

From Widget and Family October 27, 2008

Hi Deb!
Widget is a year old now, and we wanted to give you an update on what a wonderful little dog she has become. She is very intelligent, and learns new commands surprisingly quickly. Of course, it helps that she's a food hound and will do anything for treats :)
Her favorite activities include wrestling with her kitty brother, Banquo, chasing birds and squirrels, and hanging out with her best friend in the world Karma the great dane. And at the end of the day she likes nothing more than to curl up with Mommy and Daddy for some cuddles.
She wiggles her way into everyone's heart and we couldn't imagine life without her.
Video of her and the cat playing
Wishing the best for you and all your little ones,
Kristy and Ryan

From Widget and Family October 27, 2008

Hey, Deb,
I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you in so long. I received Widget's papers today, thank you!!
She is doing great. She's a really smart puppy; she picks up training very quickly and there isn't a barricade we can construct that she can't get over. Everyone who sees her absolutely adores her, and she is a wonderful little companion. Her new favorite hobbies are chasing blowing leaves and running on the beach. She and Banquo (kitty) are now best friends, it's the cutest thing ever watching them play.
She had her first RI vet appointment today, and everything looks great.
I'm attaching some pictures of the baby. The first one is Banquo watching over her while she sleeps. He gets really disappointed when she has to nap :)
p.s. I hope your husband is doing okay with his newly re-attached finger. Sending some healing energy his way!

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