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March 20, 2007

HI Deb
sorry didn't write you i have one more test in school and im done for next 2 weeks. we are taking pictures sometimes with our boy tipper there is some niky and i with tipper :everyone doing good. As you can see tipper likes to kiss :)
let me know if you can open this pics.

November 15, 2006

Hi Deb,
Sorry did not send any photos of Tipper lately, I'm so busy wuth school and all. We still can't get enough of tipper we love him to death. One time I sneeked him into a buffet he got by on his looks alone. We are sending some updated pictures. Of our little king of the house. Thank you for this lovely dog.

September 16, 2006

HI Deb, here is more pictures of tipper niki(my yongest one) and sniffy, they are friends, and every day they all play together.and he has more firends......
we discovered that tipper likes grapes to much he prefers grapes even over his food?!! I'm surprised my self.
He is doing great here.
I hope you will like them all.

Update sent September 8, 2006

Hi Deb! I'm sure you miss your little baby I thought you may want to look at His new girlfriend. We all hope she meets with your approval.
Every one loves him Neighbors, friends and strangers all are attracted to him. The first day he was here our oldest daughter was kissing our girl dog and the youngest yelled at her for "kissing the wrong dog".
We all love him and want to thank you for Supplying such a wonderful addition to our family.
We did by the way buy a 25 lb bag of Pro pac. Puppy food. They have been eating like little piglets. I suspect they will soon look like Liverworst and not just hot dooooooooooogs.
Love Elena, Arty, kids.


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