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October 12, 2007

Thank you for the update. Sophie is doing wonderful. She and MJ(my son) are so close. She follows him everywhere(I mean everywhere, even to the bathroom). He sleeps with her every single night. She is so beautiful and it was a blessing to our family, so thank you so very much for bringing so much joy and happiness into our home thru Sophie.

June 2007 in my Guestbook

First Name : Jeannie URL : E-mail : jeannette.burdiss@us.army.mil Where are you from? : New York Do you own a dachshund? : Yes Comments : We have a little gorgeous red short haired baby, Sophie. I was so down and out after returning after returning from Iraq more comments : and she just lifting my spirits and showed me to not dwell on the horror of that war. Thank you Deb you are a lifesaver and saint

May 31, 2007

Sophie is doing so great. She is so adorable and amazes us every single day. She gets along great with Dakota(our schnauzer) and they play a lot now. She is so beautiful and such a nice baby. I spoil her rotten everytime I go to the store. She is great. Thank you so much for her.

May 11, 2007

We changed her name to Sophie I hope you didn't mind. Is almost the same as her sister Sophia huh. MJ and his dad just wanted that name instead. Sophie sends you a big kiss. She is so precious. Thank you again for her.

April 19, 2007

Yes of course, she is so adorable. We thank you so very much for bringing her into our life. She brings so much joy. I bought her a couple of nice outfits. She has such good energy and is so nice and calm. We love her so much in the short time we had her. We take her everywhere and everybody always want to hold her. I wrap her so nice and she is just like a baby. Feel free to use the picture. Is a very nice family picture. MJ(our son) is so excited to have her. We bought her a playpen and a lot of toys. She is nearly house broken because of all the attention you gave her in peepad training her.
Thank you so much from our family to yours.

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