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Adopted in Texas in November 2009

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Silly's Baby Picture Gallery

Scrappy's Baby Picture Gallery

December 13, 2009

Hi Deb!
I wanted to send you a few pics of the pups from today. We took them on their first walk in their new sweaters. They did pretty good and think they will get the hang of it fairly quickly.
We had a scare with Scrappy yesterday. They had their last set of puppy shots and he had an allergic reaction to his. Mark and I ended up taking him to the 24 hour clinic because his little face was swelling. It was scary, but they gave him a shot that made it go away. Thank goodness we noticed it right when the reaction started. Poor little guy....
Anyway, all is better now... We will think twice, however, about letting him get that shot again... The vet said it might not be worth it with his bad reaction.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Mark and Jena

December 1, 2009

Hi Deb!!
I apologize for the delayed reply. We have been busy with the holidays - and the pups! :)
They are doing great. They LOVE each other! I can't imagine ever having gotten just one of them now that we have them both.
They are precious and Mark and I love them so much already! It is amazing how much they have grown already!! I look at pictures from when we first got them to now and I am amazed at how much bigger they are! Scrappy is so stocky and meaty! He is bigger, honestly, every day!! Silly seems to look tinier every day!
They have adjusted wonderfully. We plan to take them to a vet this week so that they can have a puppy exam and make sure they get their last set of shots.
I am going to send you a couple of e-mails with some pictures for you! Thanks so much for everything - I hope that the flight of the other pups went well the next day in Tulsa!
TAKE CARE and we will keep you updated!
Jena and Mark

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