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June 30, 2010

Hi Deb.
Just thought I would drop you a line on how Sienna is doing. I still check the website everyday and wish that I could adopt another pup, but my husband says one is enough. Argh.
Anyway, Sienna just turned four in May. She has been wonderful; we all love her.
Here are some recent pix of our little princess!

November 2, 2009

Hi Deb.
I still go into your website and view all of the new puppies every day. I feel like I know them all. And wish I could have them all!
Here is Sienna dressed as a ballerina for Halloween!
She is happy and healthy.
Sienna was born May 3rd, 2006. Mom and Dad are Sugar and Bosco.
We are thankful everyday for her.
She happies up our house.

October 31, 2008

The HALLOWEENER Sienna Ryder Kohl

From Sienna and Family October 1, 2008

Congratulations on the new pups, Debbie! They look so sweet!
Sienna is still the light of our lives. I have been thinking of getting a small tattoo of her. If I do, I will send a picture. As you can see, it is all about the dog!!

August 15, 2008

Thanks for the update. I love getting your updates on new litters and pix of all the other pups!
Here is the latest of Sienna Ryder Kohl (previous birthname is Cecelia). Her father was Bosco and her mother was Sugar.
She is the world to us!! Here is Sienna's 2nd birthday pix with my daughter Alissa. Sienna turned two on May 2nd.

March 24, 2008

Hi Deb!
Here is the latest of Sienna, taken on Easter 2008. Sienna was born May 3rd, 2006, to Bosco and Sugar. She really is a beautiful dog. I'd take her in my Easter basket anyday!
Sienna loves to gaze out the front window to watch the world go by. Otherwise she is at my side! She is extremely affectionate and needs companionship. We love her to bits!

February 13, 2008

Oh, they are so cute. I wish we could get another one to keep Sienna company. Sienna is doing very well. We still adore her. She lives a charmed life! Here are fairly recent pictures of our daughter Alissa and Sienna.
Thank you so much for our little pup!

September 28, 2007 from Sienna

Oh, Deb, what a great picture. Roxie looks identical to my Sienna. Congratulations on the two new little pups. They are adorable.
Here is a picture of Sienna from this summer. She is about 14 months in these pictures. She weighs about 11 1/2 lbs. now.
Thank you again for her. She is our little princess!

Update sent June 1, 2007

Hi Deb!
So good to hear from you. Glad you still had my email address. I have tried to contact you, but never had any luck with my emails going through. I also can't get your web address to work either. I wanted to stay in touch with our little Sienna (Cecelia). Do you remember us/her? She was born on May 3, 2006. You put her on a plane to Chicago. We drove over from Milwaukee to pick her up.
Sienna has added so much to our lives. She is happy and healthy and funny and the sweetest little pup. We feel blessed to have her with us.
Here is a fairly recent picture...
I'll send more pictures in the coming weeks.
I hope everything is well with you.

Update sent October 6, 2006

Hi Deb.
I was hoping to touch base with you quite some time ago, but misplaced my paperwork and could not find your email address. I got a new computer a while ago and when my files were transferred, I lost my link to your website.
I just wanted you to know that Sienna (Cecelia) is doing wonderfully. She has enriched our lives. She has graduated from puppy class a couple of weeks ago. She is completely litter box trained, and still insists on her treat after she uses it. She can sit, lay down and beg on command. We have a little trouble trying to walk her as she seems so afraid of the outside sometimes. We're working on it though. She will be spayed at the end of the month. She is loosing her baby teeth; I've found three. She will chew on her sqeaky toys and cry because her mouth is tender. She is very attached to my daughter and sleeps with her. She will burrow under the covers and sleep between her legs in the nook of her knee. Every morning before I leave for work (I am the last to leave the house) I give Sienna a Kong. When she sees me getting it ready, she jumps in her crate with her little tongue sticking out in anticipation. She sleeps in her crate during the day, but we always leave the door open and let her have the run of the kitchen. My husband doesn't talk to me anymore... he comes home from work calling for Sienna and asking for his "smoochies." Sienna loves to give puppy kisses.
I'll send you pictures when I can. Sienna is 7 1/2 pounds now and just full of life. She follows us around the house and never is unaccounted for unless she get's a hold of something she knows she shouldn't have. That's how we know she must be chewing on something she shouldn't. Then we play keep away!
What a blessing our little puppy is.

Update sent July 21, 2006

Hi Deb,
I wanted to let you know that we took Sienna in for our first vet visit. We got a great report. She weighs 4 lbs. now. The vet gave her a thorough checkup and said that she was in very good shape. We had her nails trimmed (she didn't like that very much) and she had an oral vaccine for kennel cough. We will have to come back in about a week and a half to get her next shot. The vet also showed us how to clean her ears with a gauze pad and liquid that we purchased. We also gave her a pill for heartworm, etc. She will need to take one a month for her lifetime.
It's been fun. I don't get anything done anymore as we just play with her or hold her whenever we can. My daughter is doing a great job with the potty training Sienna. She knows the signs of when Sienna has to go so there are very few accidents.
We start puppy class on Monday. The first class is for the owners only. I guess the training is mostly for the owners!!
I'm sorry I don't have any new pictures for you. I have a whole bunch still on my camera I need to download.
And thank you for the CD. It's so nice to see all of Sienna's litter mates and her mother. We will treasure it! I want to have them printed out for a scrapbook I plan on doing.
Once again, thank you for our little pup!

Update sent July 17, 2006

Hi Deb.
I got you email about the new litter of two male pups! Congratulations!
I have been wanting to contact you and send you new pictures and ask a couple of questions. I think we're doing pretty well with raising our new baby, but I justed wanted to touch base on a couple of things.
First of all... here she is! She is so silly sometimes. We all just laugh at her and she eats it up! We bought a kind of purse/carrier to bring her shopping with us and she just loves to poke her head out and sniff and look around. Everyone who sees her thinks she is so precious. She really is the cutest thing!
Because she is a puppy she is mouthing a lot. How do we encourage her not to do this. We have been telling her NO, and giving her a chew toy, but she still will bite at our fingers. I realize this is normal behavior and will probably continue for several months because she is a puppy. I just want to be doing or saying the right thing so she will gradually stop. She sure likes to give us puppy kisses though. She never bites at our faces. She is so affectionate.
As far as feeding, we have been giving her about a 1/4 cup of Science Diet puppy pellets 3 x a day and then the soft food before bed. Is this enough or should be be giving her more or less? We always give her plenty of fresh water too. She looks the peak of health. She is nice and round - not too round and not too thin.
When she goes potty outside or on the potty pad, she knows that she will get a treat and scampers over to the kitchen where we keep the little treats. We tell her to sit, which she does, and then give her the treat. She then usually runs away with it and eats it on the carpet.
Wednesday we will be seeing the vet for the first time as we received the papers in the mail. Thank you so much. I haven't had a chance to look at the CD yet, because I had a rummage sale the last three days. I will look at it tonight.
We are going to ask the vet to trim her nails. They have really grown quite long. I don't want to cut them the first time. I'd like to watch the vet do it. I did buy a nail trimmer for her, but I don't want to do it wrong.
At night we try to keep Sienna in her crate, but she cries for us to come. We can't stand to have her suffer, so she is sleeping with my daughter. Sienna is very attached to my daughter and runs to her if she feels threatened; especially when the vacuum is on.
Everything is good. We are with no regrets. Sienna has won our hearts!
Thank you again.

Update sent July 7, 2006

Hi Deb,
Here is the first of many pictures I will send you. We all just love our new baby! She is just beautiful. My daughter renamed her Sienna. She cried quite a bit last night, but she just loves my daughter Alissa. We'll take good care of her.
Thank you so much!