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Update sent on May 11, 2007

Hi, just thought I would send you some pictures of phoebe, she is a year old now and doin great. she went to the vet yesterday and she is 9lbs and vet said that is perfect weight for her. the picture of her with her tounge sticking out is her licking her lips for the treat she was about to get. she loves her treats. she got a new friend 4 weeks ago and at first she couldn't stand it and now she loves corky to death. corky is a 3 month old male kitten. we been catching phoebe eating his food she is learning not to eat it. she went into heat about a month ago and she has been truly onrey since. my husband and I decided to get her fixed in about three weeks. she is very hiper since she went into heat and try's to run out the front door to go visiting her neighbor male dog friends. we told her that she wasn't aloud to date right now that she was still to young but she wont listen. so we decided to have her fixed before it was to late. any way she is doin great and she thinks she is the boss of the house. I hope you enjoy the pictures. maybe we can get another puppy from you sometime in the future.

September 9, 2006

090706 Update by phone from Cheryl about Phoebe
Cheryl's computer is down so she wanted to give me a call and tell me about Princess Pheobe. She says she is the princess of the house and makes it known what she wants and she is going to get it somehow.
She says that Phoebe is a very smart dog. She will go to the cupboard where the treats are kept when she wants or feels she deserves a treat. The had to move them from the lower cupboard to the upper cupboard as Phoebe has learned to open the cupboard herself.
That is not all she has learned to open. The back door has to be locked at all times as she has figured out how to open it. They are not sure how as she is not big enough to get to the doorknob and the door is difficult anyway for them it sticks.
She has become an escape artist too. She is finding a way to get out of the back yard. Every time they patch up one space she makes or finds another, so they have to watch her very carefully.
She gets to sleep in bed with Cheryl and her husband every night. She is very protective of her new mommy and when dad tries to give mom a kiss she will nudge her way in between.
She is having a bit of an issue with mom and dad and her new kid going back to work and school so much and not being there for her every minute. She has left them a few surprises once in a while.
The best news is that the neighbor who has absolutely fallen in love with Phoebe is always watching for her to be outside so he can visit. He is suffering from Cancer and Phoebe has given him a special gift of love that he needed. She has brightened up his life and gives him a smile and a reason to come outside and play for a while.

Update sent August 5, 2006

hiI thought I would let you know that phoebe is doing great and has already gotten bigger and is spoiled rotten. she is the princess of the house

Update sent July 23, 2006

deb, we made it home fine.Pheobe slept just about all the way. we bought her a carrier and she did real well. we stopped plenty times so she could drink and eat. when we got home she is very happy and running around the house like she has lived here forever. we are so thankful for you and her and has already made us feel like we are complete with her. I forgot to ask you when do we worm her again and what type do we use and how often do I do it and for how long? what type of treats is she use to? she is doin real well with puppy pad but she doesn't want to use pad for pooping. you have done a wonderful job with her. i was happy to meet you and thank you again for giving us a wonderful blessing... will stay in touch...cheryl and brian and nate and pheobe bane