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Adopted Texas, April 2009

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Pepper's (aka Seth) Baby Picture Gallery

December 28, 2010

Hi Deb:
Happy Holidays!
Pepper is the Love of my Life. A friend of mine Colleen does the photos - she loves your Face Book picture of the day. She has probably commented on your gorgeous Dachshunds. She owns Peppers playmates Oscar Meyer Weiner and Pickles.
I always love looking at your new litters. Waiting for a Golden Pup for Pepper a playmate. If you have any of the dilute reds let me know - I saw someone received one mid 2010 - so guess I better check your website more frequently.
Have a great 2011.

August 31, 2010

Hi Deb: Hope all is well with you. I love "Pepper" so much, he is a bundle of joy. Thought I would share some of early 2010 photos with you. The black & tan Dachshund in the picture with "Pepper" is his friend "Oscar Meyer Weiner" that he has play dates with.

February 15, 2010

Hi Deb:
Happy Valentines!
Pepper turned 1 year old today.
I'm attaching a few photos.

From Pepper and Family on November 28, 2009

Hi Debbie:
I wanted to send you an updated photo of Pepper........
He is doing great with his agility training -- he can jump hurdles, tire jump, do weave poles, run through the tunnel and sit in the stay box. Next I will work on adding the chute to the tunnel and put together his see saw. He loves attention and loves to perform.
He is a wonderful boy and very smart.
I need to practice with him a lot more before he does any competitions and I need to join an agility club -- which requires a lot of time. Right now we have a starter kit and he is doing it for fun -- and he loves it. The equipment is much smaller -- Dachshund size -- not the regulation size -- so he would need to join a club so he could learn and practice on the larger equipment. If I ever get around to that I will let you know.
If I get a chance to video tape him -- I will send you a copy.

June 1, 2009

Hi Deb:
Here are some updated pictures of Pepper. He is one beautiful Weenie Dog!!

May 22, 2009

Hi Deb:
Pepper is doing great!! He is very SMART.........he is looking more and more gorgeous every day. Everyone that meets him falls in love instantly........he is a sweet boy.....

May 01, 2009

Hi Deb:
Happy Mother's Day!!
Pepper is doing great and adjusting well. He had a wonderful time at my families house on Mothers Day. Here are some updated photos.
He has a new harness that was made especially for him. The money from the purchase of the harness goes to the Dachshund Rescue Service of Houston.
The little boy in the picture holding Pepper is my nephew Joseph.
Pepper thought the water fountain in my back yard was a big water bowl for him to drink from.
Everyone falls in love with him instantly.........
Love, Patti

April 20, 2009

Hi Debbie:
Pepper is doing great!! He has gone potty only outside -- he is so sweet and adorable -- he is a great little boy. He went to sleep right next to me in bed and cried to wake me up when he needed to go out potty he is very content and adjusting well.
I have a doggie day camp I plan to take him to when I have to attend a birth -- since I never know how long I will be gone -- he will be able to play with other puppies, get snacks, plus training lessons, and they can keep him over night if need be. I never did this with my last Dachshund because he was older and I could leave him plenty of food and water and he would just sleep while I was gone and I would leave a pee pad out just in case he needed to go before I returned or before one of my staff came and took him out for me. I think it will help with Pepper's socialization to go and play with other puppies and to have contact with other humans. I will see -- of course I'm picky and if I get any vibes from Pepper that he doesn't like it -- he won't go back.......
Thanks for doing such a great job getting him started...........he is already attached to me.......

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