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Zeke's Baby Gallery

Update sent August 2, 2010

I thought i would send these pictures to you. i am not the kind of parent that has to show pictures of his family to everyone however there are some really nice shots of the dogs on the beach. these pictures were taken super early yesterday moring on Clark Beach in Ipswich mass.
Marley and Zeke were in their glory yesterday playing on the sandbar in the heavy fog.

Update sent July 1, 2008

Hi Deb,
Great to hear from you. Sorry we have not been keeping in touch this year. We had a our first child this past Decemember so our lives are pretty busy.
Marley and Zeke are both doing great. They are both great dogs. Marley is very smart. still loves to be chased by either myself or zeke, loves to sit in the sun on the hottest of days and loves to roll around in the grass in the summer.
she still hates the cold, snow, rain and wet grass. When we came home with the baby for the first few days Marley was extrememly protective of the baby. She layed by the crib almost like she needed to protect the baby from Zeke!
Zeke, is not the sharpest tool in the shed but really enjoys life and loves everyone. he does not mind the cold weather, snow or wet grass, yet does not really the heat. Loves his toys and loves to play rough with marley.
things are good,
take care
thanks our daughter kaylee loves the dogs. just loves them! when ever she gets cranky we just call the dogs and no more crying. they are her pacifer i guess!

Update sent January 11, 2007

Here are some updated Marley & Zeke pics. Both are doing well.

Update sent January 11, 2007

Hey Deb-
I think these pics have been a long time coming, just havent had time (or keep forgetting to) download them. The two pups are having a lot of fun - fighting over toys, who gets to sit on the heater closest to where ever we are, jumping between each others beds. Marley loves to take a toy or a bone and make Zekie chase after her, she'll slow down enough so he can catch her, then run again - though he's getting faster. He is very cute and lovable, always wagging his tail.

Updates from Marley and Family

Update sent October 6, 2006

Update sent August 16, 2006

Just wanted to ask you when are you planning on having more puppys? I know you have 2 now that were born a few weeks ago but i m not sure about a dog with blue eyes take care

Right after Marley was Spayed

Update sent July 29, 2006

hi i just wantd you to know that as of last night marley took a turn for the better and is almost back to full strenght. except now she wants out of her pen and full access to run the house . just a few more days of healing and her wish will be granted..

Update sent July 28, 2006

I really appreciate you calling today. She is now on Albon Flagile which i guess is not very tasty and she is refusing to eat it which is going to create more problems. the vet believes that this is some sort of bacterial over growth.
i was kind of hoping that they would draw blood and stool samples but they didnt. i hope these Albon flagile works.

Update sent July 28, 2006

hi things are not going very well. marley had her operation on Tuesday and the stiches are healing up nicel except yesterday morning she has had diarrhea and vomoting. I took her to the vet yesterday an they gave a special dog food and also put her 2.5 mg of Fountane or something like that. It didnt work and last night she discharged about 14 times from 11 pm to 6 am..Kara has taken the day off and taking her hopefully early today. i believe they need to put her on an IV since she is not drinking and not even moving. they also will probably need to do some blood work to deterimine what the problem is. its been along two days of worry, sadness with no sleep. i will keep you posted.

Update sent July 25, 2006

yes she is home. She was very glass eyed and kind of out of it for most of the evening but towards 11 pm she seems to be coming out of it alittle. I think tomorrow she is going to be a handful trying to keep her from jumping and running. She is already trying to stand on 2 feet again.

Update sent July 25, 2006

sorry i pressed the sent button by accident. kara had called earlier, i guess the vet called her a little while ago. Marley is awake and seems to be doing okay. she is crying alot but she is okay.
they were going to keep her overnight but instead we are taking her home.
i was always under the impression for some reason that the vet has someone there all night for the dogs. thats not true so we figure its better to have her with us incase anything should happen. im sure she would rather be home listening to the bird yell Marley Marley than have other strange dogs around her barking all night. yes thats right the bird knows marleys name and likes to mess with her by calling her over to the cage all the time.
the bird also says Marley come!, marley stop it! Marley knock it off! and Good girl Marley...good girl!

Update sent July 25, 2006

Good morning,
I thought you would like this story. A friend of mine and his wife brought over their new puppy who is kind of mix between a beagle, dashhound and corkie dog. anyway. its about 4 months old and weights 10 pounds. Its shape and size is just like Marley only just little thicker.
the two dogs played last night for 35 minutes, full speed ahead and hard. we were very worried that Marley would hurt or back because she plays so hard. She jumps, rolls, falls. She did end up actually hurting or leg or her back for a few seconds but then was fine again. She was much faster than the other dog and much more quicker on her feet with incredible cutting speed around the turns. The other dog could not catch her. Marley is very well behaved but last night while the other dog was around she was just of control. Its amazing the energy that dogs has.
She is getting spade today. i dont know how she is going react but hopefully she will be okay. She is a very strong dog. I just hope she does not jump around too much. She is a big jumper!
When we get home every day she is so excited to see us she can literally jumps side to side almost like she is sking down mogul

Update sent July 22, 2006

here are some new marley pics

Update sent July 22, 2006

Hey Deb-
Marley is doing great. Shes a lot of fun - very spunky and playful, but also a lovebug. Shes starting to fill out but still looks like a little puppy. We were at a pet store the other day and saw a longhaired wild boar colored dachshund who apparently was the same size as Marley was when we got her -- she was so tiny!
Anyways, we are still interested in another pup for Marley to play with. We're going away in ******, so we're interested in getting a pup sometime after we return. Do you have any future litters that would be available late ******* or later? Are the longhaired dogs recessive, or do you have any mating pairs that may produce longhaired pups? Hope alls well. We will send updated Marley pics soon. Did you get the old ones we sent you?
Kara & Jeff

Update sent June 27, 2006

Hi deb,
one minute we want one, the next minute we dont, the next minute we want another kind of dog. odds are, we will end up with another Dashund sooner rather than later. we are really enjoying marley so much that we dont want to ruin it. If that makes any sense. Kara has been on your site every night.
You will have another litter due in the end of July?. that might work better for us. What can you tell me about the expected litter? Marley has so far lost 2 teeth or molurs. kara just happen to notice her eating somethng and sure enough it was the teeth!
She is going in to the vet to get fixed in July. that will be a tough day for her! and me!
The vet said that they will need to keep her overnight. Then we found out that there is nobody in there at night anyway to watch her incase something happens. So she will come home that night instead and sleep in her crate with no activity. Im sure she would rather be home rather than some wierd place. She does not like to sleep in strange places.
I think i mentioned to you that we have 2nd home on the beach, Marley LOVES it there more than anyplace except when its time for bed. She will cry all night! So now she gets to sleep in the big bed but only at that house.
we are trying to ween her off the pen at night. Now we leave the door open at night and she will sleep thru the entire night without coming out. We hope to have the pen put away for good in the next week or so.
She still has little accidents in the house, but not as frequent. Will still use the peepee pads
Hey my wife wanted to know if you are going to put pictures of marley up on your site. we can send you some more if you want.
take caer

Update sent June 12, 2006

My wife wants another puppy to keep marley company.

Update sent May 18, 2006

Hope all is well.
I wanted to let you know that Marley might get you some business 2 weeks ago i was taking her for a walk when a car drove by and then turned around and came back.
a nice young couple got out of the car and spent 30 minutes talking to me about Marley. They want to get another dashund..
They were really impressed with Marley incredible color, or her great personality and her bone structure.
Now that she is older when I walk her (and when she is not stopping every 2 seconds to smell something) she has great posture and great gate. Her tail and her head stand tall and she seems very proud like she just won first place!
This couple, i guess used to show their dogs and said Marley had the body of champion. They loved her gate and her strong back! Just like a show dog on tv. I gave them your info and said that you just had a litter and that you were great!
Anyway, if you have been paying attention to the news you probably heard of all the flooding in Boston north. Well thats us! We are right smack in the middle of it.
Personally our home dodged a bullet, but 5 miles down the road complete and utter disaster. The worst storm in 75 yrs. Parts of the area got as much as 30 inches since Friday. Plus it has rained for 2 weeks straight before the big storm last weekend.
If you look at the news its looks like a mini Katrina around here. Schools have been shut down for a week now. One thing about Marley she DOES NOT Like the rain AND HATES WALKING IN WET GRASS. This rain has not helped the potty training!
She had her final vet visit next week.

Update sent May 4, 2006

about a week ago she realized she has a voice box that allowed her to bark. At first it scared her but now she is learning how to use it.
When its nice out, she is all about speed, and having fun. When its rainy out like it has been these past few days, she is all about staying warm and being inside.
She is all muscles, strong strong dog. She can climb the steps and curbs, we keep her off the stairs that take us up to the 2nd floor of the house. I she is ready for those.
she had another vet visit on Monday she is doing great. they did a stool sample and all is well. She ways i think alittle over 5 pounds now.. i could be wrong could be less, kara would know.
She still loves to bite hands, and loves to jump up and down and side to side. She loves to play with other dogs, that is one of her favorite thing to do. she jump on the back of a 11 yr old shitzu last weekend, Didnt go over well with the Shitzu.
She is all about play!

Update sent May 4, 2006

HI there,
hope all is going well.
Things are going well. Marley is doing great, she is getting bigger, faster and much stronger. thicker is a good word choice. She is very very happy
She is starting to eat more food, which is good because food was never a big deal for her for the first few weeks. Last week i took her for over a mile walk and she did fine. She is pain on the leash sometimes but overall so far so good. A few days ago the bird was coming up close to her and she gave the bird a big lick across the face.
THen the next day, the bird gave her a big bite on the nose and she let out a yelp~! She plays very very very hard, with her its either going 100 miles and hour or sleeping. She sleeps thru the entire night.

Update sent April 5, 2006

We had our vet visit yesterday.
The stool sample came back saying that she has a parasite. And is now being treated with medication. (They said its not a big deal very common in puppys)
What was more concerning to the vet was when kara had told her that she had noticed a few times Leela would sit on her butt and then drag her front legs thus dragging her butt on the floor. Perhaps because it was itchy. The vet did some rather gross thing to her anal glands, causing a gross liquidy fluid to come shooting out, just a terrible terrible smell. Her anal glands were full or something, which is very uncommon for puppys. it could be a one time thing it could be something more serious. We are going back next week. I apologize if you do not understand what i am trying to say. I dont even understand what i am trying to say to be honest
Aside from that , the vet said she looks great, really impressed with her teeth with no overbite. her weight is 3.6 pounds approx, good bone structure and really sweet. if you have any questions or comments regarding the above , please cc ********* as well, she would be able to explain yesterday visit much better than I could.
thanks jeff
they did not do the 3rd shot saying that it is still two early but they did a kennel cough drop. some other things but im really sure

Update sent April 4, 2006

here are some pppy pics from the last few weeks. i have about 200 of them, but these are the best. deb - thanks for all your help. i just downloaded all the pics that you sent us to add to the collection. very cute pictures!
i will have to send more than one email, the pictures are large/good resolution.

Update sent April 2, 2006

No we changed Leela's name to Marley. (I double checked it is a girls name) but when you ask about her feel free to Always refer to her as leela I understand she will always be Leela to you. I kind of liked the name Leela. how do name your dogs?
We are worried that she is going to really hurt herself one of these days. With her, there are only 2 speeds Full Speed, and alseep.
When gets excited, she really gets excited! she is fearless, she jumps, climbs, runs, falls, tumbles, rolls. leaps, skips, hang upside down, she is nuts! , And everything is a toy!
I think I remember you telling me even before we got her that she was the most energetic of the litter? The other day she leaped off the couch, and she did her hurt herself. i didnt see the jump but i thought she hurt her neck, the way she walking. and then a minute later she was fine.
She does sleep all night now.. Thank god. her bed in her little indoor pen was the answer. Incase other new owners have a problem I would reccomend them getting them out of the crate and into a puppy bed where they cant get into to much trouble.
The first week we only had 2 bathroom accidents which were her first day. Since Friday there have been several. Kind of concerned about that. She is a spaz! She loves her toys, she has many. she loves to play fetch with everything, Now that the weather is warmer she loves to be in the yard.
The first week, i could keep her off the leash and she would stay right next to me, now she flys around the yard going alittle further out so she is back on the leash.
Funny though, when we go for walks. She will walk only so far from the house. She gets very scared and refuses to go one step further. So i pick her up and walk with her further. When its time to turn around i put her down and she will walk back with no problems.
Things we need to work on
1.When she gets crazy, her favorite toy is the human hand, and those little dagger teeth. It Really hurt!
2. This potty thing we need to work on. She understands going out, and when she has to go, i can tell that she wants to go out. Its these other times, that are confusing. this morning we went out she went poop, and then about 30 minutes later i find that she peed and pooped in some random area not even on her potty pad.
All in all things are great!
take care. ps. i still need to get to the post office to pick up your package, for whatever reason they would not leave it at our door. WE will get it tomorrow since i want those papers for her first vet visit Tuessay

Update sent March 30, 2006

I dont know if you ever heard of a pet toy company called Pet Edge. About 95% of their business is thru the catalogs so you might have heard of them.
The reason why i bring them up is because they are so so cheap. as luck would have it, they have a wholesale store right near us so we are able to buy toys that would cost 4-5 dollars in the big Petco Pet Smart companies for 50 cent each!
We now have over 20 toys scattered throughout the house. I think she is learning how to bark.

Update sent March 30, 2006

sure. i will sign the guest book. i thought i did already before we got the puppy.
Now that we have a digital camera, I was going to send you some photos along with a thank you letter.
I will get that out hopefully in the next few weeks. take care

Update sent March 28, 2006

puppy sleeping better in the pen. She does cry during the night from time to time but she stops after a while unlike when she was in the crate.
when she gets really excited she loves to bite the hands, noses, ears, toes. that is something we need to work on with her.
We had kara;s parents, brother, girlfriend over this past sunday. it was the first time she was exposed to multiple people at one time since last wednesday at least.
She did very well. everyone thought she was so well behaved, she was not afraid and was not a pest to anyone she enjoyed the extra company and they enjoyed her.

Update sent March 27, 2006

we are going to vet next Tuesday.. I will let you know how it goes.
i think your package came today except we were not home to sign for it, but i hope to get it tomorrow.
take care

Update sent March 27, 2006

Im sorry when im on email i am usually doing a few things.. I re read my email and i see what i did. I meant to say she is much strong NOW then when we picked her up. She runs faster, jumps higher, players harder. Her Gate seems more developed. She looks and acts like she is great health. a nice cold nose!
Last night we did something different, she fell asleep on the couch and then we stuck her in her bed in her pen. She slept for 2 solid ours before crying. We took her in our room for a few minutes she calmed down, fell asleeep and then we put her back in bed in her pen and she slept the rest of the night about 6 hours.. My wife wrapped her up a blanket kind of like how you wrap a burrito and put her in bed. she was still like that this morning when we had to wake her up. She is great!
i need to make an appointment with the vet, i will do that today

Update sent March 26, 2006

thats good to know about her parents
Last night my wife was on call overnight so it was just me and the pup.
still no improvements on the sleeping thing. last night i put he in ther crate while she was sleeping around 10.30, so that was easy. I also left the closet light on, thinking maybe it was the dark that was causing her crys. Around 12 she started, i took her out she went potty and put her back in the crate, and she still cried so its not needing to go to the bathroom. i put her out in her pen and covered her up and left a light on for her. I watched her for about 3 minutes, she started eating more than usual. Hmm.? after she stopped eating it was like i was throwing her outside in a blizzard, she cried and cried and started shaking. So again i put her bed with me and from 2 to 6.30 she was sound asleep. Perhaps i should have left her alone in the pen for a longer a period of time. Do your puppies shake right before they fall asleep? I have noticed she shakes before falling asleep. I dont think the shakes have anything to do with her being cold, not sure.
I have also noticed she is alot stronger, and faster when we first picked her up.. In general she seems to move alittle easier. she even now can jump into the house from the stoop.
Right before i started writing to you, I put her in the crate and she started crying, but now she stopped completly.Hmmm She never ever stops crying while she is in the crate until someone comes and gets her.
I think tongiht we should try leaving her in the pen. with a light on, some food and see what happens. Will keep trying,
have a nice day.

Update sent March 25, 2006

its worth a shot.
I will say this.. Leela is one happy healthy puppy. When she is out of the crate or pen and able to stay by our side life could not be better. Today she went in her crate and we went for a car ride. She slept the whole way. She sure is and evening person. I think in the morning she would just be happy to sleep in late have a lite breakfast and read a good book. By evening she is ready for a night out on the town. she loves the rooms with wall to wall carpet must be soft on her feet. she runs, jumps, goes wild. She loves to jump and play hard, She loves to jump., and i worry about that from what i read in the book with their backs.
when she gets excited she likes to go for the feet, hands and ears. she loves niping my ears.
weroewwqe[rewrq ewrewqr weqr644444444
hey!! the above message was Leela letting you know she is having a great time. except for the nights. She is right here next to me right now.
What i love about her the most is when i come home she is so happy to see me. its a nice feeling,

Update sent March 25, 2006

thanks, i was not sure who her parents were. how old are they all?
Leela is now, i think feeling more comfortable with us. She moves a little faster, without be concerned whats around the corner, she is still afraid of going off the the rug to the hardwood floor, it takes some encouraging.but she does it. She will run very fast jumping up and down until she gets to where i will be waiting.
She loves to play with me on the rug. I get down on the rug almost like and attack dog. That is her favorite game by far...far she goes crazy runs around jumping up and down, she will play for a long time without getting tired. Then we usually put her on the couch where she will fall asleep. Last night while she was asleep my wife put her in the crate and we all went to bed without any problems. exactly 1 hour she started crying. took her out for alittle while which she enjoyed and then went back to the crate until. 2 am. thats when the tears really started, i took her out, but she would not stop crying, this time i put her crate into the master bath, and closed the door. I was able to get alittle sleep but im sure she cried the entire time while she was in there.
This time my wife, got up, moved the crate back into our room, sat on the floor with leela in her arms for a good 20 minutes until she fell asleep. We got a few hours until about 4.30 when the tears came again. This time i let her out, she went potty and i put her in bed with me until 6 when we all got up.
Aside from bedtime she is doing great i think. We bought a nice stuffed animal for her crate yesterday, didnt seem to work.
My nickname for her is sir cry-alot how did your puppies do last night alone in their crates? Where are their new homes located?

Update sent March 24, 2006

thanks. but for right now we have our hands full with her and the bird.
At some point, we will get another dog.
i do miss the little nite-cryer today.
my biggest fear was that i would be allergic to her. No effects at all!
She is cute, i love the brown around her eyes and feet. i wonder how she got the white stripe on her side?

Update sent March 24, 2006

my wife got home an hour ago and everything was fine. She was sleeping but has been crying since waking up. Strange she really didnt do much crying until yesterday afternoon.

Update sent March 24, 2006

things are going great until bed time. Thats when the crying and shaking begins.
As of now, her crate is in our bedroom probably a mistake but for the first few nights we wanted to be close.
last night we went to bed at 10.30. she cried, yelped, screamed until 11.45.when finally II got up to let her go the bathroom, she didnt have to go. but she was still shaking alot.
i stayed up with her for a while but she just would not stop shaking. i do not think she is cold, i think she is scared, maybe missing her brothers and sisters, afraid of the dark.. dont know?.
I wrapped her in a blanket, sat on the couch for a while. She was fast asleep, put her back in her crate she cried for 5 minutes and went back to sleep at 4,30 she started crying and shaking again. This time it was worse, I got up ..she did not have to got the bathroom. i stayed up with her but the crying and shaking didnt stop. This time i wrapped her in a blanket, put her in the bed between my wife and i and she was sound alseep in a minute. so we just left her there. IF we didnt have to get up she probably would still be alseep. It seems the only way she sleeps is if she is being held, or taking over myside of the bed! Did you know when she was asleep on the bed, she sleeps on her back with her head on the pillow and the covers up to her chin just like a person.
In her crate we have 2 small, soft blankets, including the towel you gave us. on the outside of the crate we have a clock that ticks, the heat is set at 68 she is covered in blankets, she has gone to the bathroom and fed. I dont know?
She is crying alot more today then wed night. If we leave the room for a minute she shakes and crys. Before leaving for work today, i wrapped her in a blanket, she fell asleep, i put her in her bed in her pen, and she was asleep within a minute. she did not even hear me leave. i hope all is going well today since this is the first time she will home all alone.

Update sent March 23, 2006

tonight the puppy and the bird were playing tug of war with one of her blankets. very funny.
I happy that she is going pee and poop outside now.
kara bought a digital camera yesterday so we will be able to send you pictures for your site if you want.

Update sent March 23, 2006

well she got out of bed around noon and we went outside for a while.
she was shaking and crying, i was just about to bring her in again when she saw a leaf blowing and it was off to races. She did VERY well outside today. The collar, the harness and the leash were kind of a problem so i took them. She was great she stayed right by me the enitre time and seemed to have a lot of fun. She even went poop which was a nice surprise! now she is wrapped in blankets and fast asleep!

Update sent March 23, 2006

thanks. She's very sleepy today. She has been laying in her bed for about 3 hours but sometimes has her eyes open. i took her out to see if she wanted to play or go for walk or something. She came out, sat down, looked at me and the jumped back into bed and under the covers.
its funny we actually have 2 beds for her. one is bigger and that is the one she likes but she struggles to get in and out of it she still needs to figure out that there actually is a lower part of the bed to get in and out. She prefers to run and jump in but gets stuck trying to get her entire body over and into the bed. how many hours of sleep do they need at this age?

Update sent March 23, 2006

things are great here.
she has been all personality since coming out of the crate. No fears, very curious, very cute, will follow us around and stay right by our side. She loves the toys, blankets, beds.
we tried to the collar on her but she does not seem to like that AT ALL.
She ate and drank alittle last night, used her potty pad just like you trained her
Here is breif schedule of events
7.00 pm last night. - cam home, played, wagged tail, explored.
8.00 pm- she fell asleep in kara's arms (put her in her pen with bed blankets she slept till about 9 pm. then started crying.
from 9- 10.30 she played around on couch before falling asleep.
put her in her crate with blankets and she cried. we are still learning this young puppy so after about 2o minutes we took her out. we were worried that she was cold, hungry, needed to go the bathroom. took her out she was very happy, playing, ran around like its morning, She went pee and we put her back to bed where she cried for anbout 10-15 minutes before falling alseep.
She woke up around 2.30 am started to cry, i took her out and again she was happy, wagging her tale, playing with toys, running around. She went pee and poop, put her in crate, she cried for about 5-10 minutes before falling back to sleep.
Around 5.30 she woke up. started crying. I took her out, she peed and pooped. Played, had alot fun.
She followed me around the kitchen exploring different sites, fell sound a asleep. for about an hour. Played for a long time with both of us ate her food, drank. And has now been sound asleep for almost 2 hours.
1. She uses the potty pad for pee but not poop. Is she trained to poop on pad?
im sure there will be other questions but none right now.
When we first got home the brid was not happy at all. She had not even seen the puppy but knew something was up. she was at the bottom of cage trying to get out. later we had the bird and puppy out. Honestly the bird is far more interested in her then she is with bird. This morning the bird is relaxed, does seem to mind the puppy at all. She is acting like she wants the puppy to come hang out with her.
kind of stange.and unexpected. Who knows maybe the bird wants to be a mother figure or something. When the bird is in the cage with the door open she comes right out and starts walking on the floor. Full aware that the puppy is loose. We are not letting them get to close
this morning, leela was alseep covered in blankets in kara's arm and the bird actually started to gently climb up the blankets to get a better look.
its 9.45 am, my wife just left. puppy is still asleep. How many hours do they sleep during the day? Should we limit the sleep time so she sleeps at night or is she just so youug.
things could not be going anybetter for day one. this weekend we start potty training etc.
Im sure will need you then!