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aka Naomi
Adopted in Louisiana in April 2009

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December 18, 2009

Hi Deb,
Merry Christmas to you and thanks for writing. Maggie is doing great... getting big and spoiled. She definitely loves attention and loves her sister Susie. It's hard to get pictures of either one of them because they are always so active.
Susie use to take medicine daily for seizures but since Maggie gives her so much exercise, she hasn't take any. While I'm away at work, I have a really nice patio for them to lay and play and chase around the yard. In the evening they both either lay on me or on the mat's next to the sofa to watch TV with their chews and snacks.
In the morning they usually run around the house waiting for either Ed or I to rub their bellies and play with them.
Maggie likes to run under the bed and play hide and seek. Maggie hasn't had any problem with housebreaking, accept she does like to poop on the patio and we have had a few talks about it. She is learning... I tell Ed she's still just a beginner.
Just wanted you to know Maggie was doing great.
Take care,

April 29, 2009

Hi Deb,
Maggie is doing great and loves to play with Susie. She has so much energy, even at the end of the day. Ed & I take them out front in the morning and the evening. The neighbors think the two are a perfect pair. Susie now watches over Maggie and bosses her around to do "the routine". All is well.

April 26, 2009

Hi Deb
I wish I had pics to send, but I haven't taken my camera out. Maggie is doing great. She follows her big sister everywhere, including using the potty outside. She whined for a couple days, but has just about stopped completely. We are doing great and I'm going to send pics soon.

April 20, 2009

Hi Deb,
Maggie took to flying pretty well. We held her the entire time so we got a little bonding done. After too much excitement, she threw up the water I gave. I did set her up with a little food, but she really didn't have an appetite. It's been a long two days for her and I have put her to bed with the blanket you gave her. She is all snuggled up and not a whine out of her. I think she is tired. I'll let you know how she does with Susie. We are happy to have her a part of our family now. Thanks for meeting us in Memphis, it saved us a lot of time and bad weather. I wish you all the health and happiness and will keep in touch.
Thanks again.

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