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July 21, 2010

Hi Deb, I think Leo is doing better. He slept all last night and my daughter said he did not cry at all. He gets up, early but that is good because it gets my kids up. I think that by him being around the same people and other dogs for awhile, he will start to see that it is his home. But it was great that he did not wake up at all last night. My kids take him for walks and that tires him out. We will take pictures soon and send them to you.
Loreli really loves playing with Leo because they are more the same age. The wrestling is great to watch

July 19, 2010

Hello Debbie, Thank you for the paperwork and for the pedigree. It is always so interesting to look at the lineage and the great names.
I think Leo is having separation anxiety from his mother. he cries a lot but I think that is normal. It seems that he is looking for something. I know in a couple days he will feel more at home. He is trying to get milk from Genevieve and Loreli but that is not going to work. I know that with all the care and loving he will get that soon he will be OK. Do you have any specific suggestions? Other than that all is really going well. He is very active and seems to love to play. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you and talk to you soon.

May 6, 2008

Hello to my dear friend Debbie,
Loreli is doing extremely well. She is absolutely a doll. Geoffrey and Genevieve play with her all the time and our first dogs seem younger now.
I feel so terrible that I do not keep in better touch with you. I love reading all your news and please do not stop.
One thing I wish is that we lived closer. Our female genevieve came into heat again and poor Geoffrey just did not make things happen. I know if I were closer to you, you could see what was going wrong. I think poor Genny only has a few heats left and then she will never be able to be a puppy mom. I don't know how is in your parts but artificial insemination with dogs is expensive. But maybe a miracle will happen.
I hope you are doing very well and I love looking at your pictures onthe web. We HAVE TO SEND YOU SOME PICTURES OF LORELI. Shame on us. She is beautiful and very calm.
My deepest happiness to your family.

May 6, 2008

Hi Deb,
I have been thinking about you each day. I feel so guilty for not writing or sending more pictures.
Two days ago I finally put the folder you had sent us regarding the paperwork in my calendar to begin and fill out and forward to AKC. I promised myself that I will be coming into work on Saturday and get everything off my desk.
Loreli is so precious. Allison just loves her and always keeps her company. Loreli loves our girl dog and is constantly attacking her. They roll all over the place and play. Genevieve is about 5 1/2 years old and she lets Loreli be the boss. Genevieve is the one we thought would someday get pregnant, but it never happened. We really are very happy with our new baby and she is beginning to learn where everything is. She a good eater and she is very strong. She jumps like a rabbit!!!! It does make us laugh.
I PROMISE to send lots of pictures soon. Thank you so much for writing. It was great to get your email. I do miss all our conversations.

May 6, 2008

Good morning Deb,
How have you been. I really miss all our correspondence that we had for the last few months. Loreli is really growing and I promise you, we will send pictures. My daughter is graduating this June and there has been so much preparation for her with retreats and prom etc. You know what I mean!!!!!
Loreli really likes our other 2 dogs. Genevieve thinks that Loreli is her child and is very protective.
I just wanted to say hi and to let you know I was thinking of you. All my love to you family. Andrea

April 28, 2008

Good morning Deb,
I mentioned to you about the trip we took to San Jose. Loreli was the best traveler. She actually sat up on the dashboard for awhile looking at all the cars go by. Deb, she is really quite beautiful. She really likes to have the attention of being on our laps which is just fine with us. We hold her a lot and she will make the perfect lap dog. Allison is my real deep sleeper so when Loreli falls to sleep, she and Allison are in heaven.
Since I am at work now I can't send you any new pictures from here. But I will have Devon take more tonight. Loreli has actually gotten a bit bigger. I can really tell she is growing. We bought her a few play toys the other day and she is going wild.
Thank you for keeping me updated and again I will get you more pictures.
Thank you. Andrea

April 23, 2008

Good evening Deb,
I am sending 4 pictures. Please let me know if you do not receive all of them.
I am so sorry I did not attach them on the last email. You can tell I'm new at this. Loreli has us laughing so much because she jumps like a rabbit. She is so full of life and I can tell she has adjusted very well. I really love her and so does Allison. I am secretly jealous that you get to spend so much time with the babies and grown-up dogs. She has really lightened my heart.
Thank you for all the answers. I can tell you must be very organized. This weekend we will take her on a long drive. We need to go to San Jose which is about 4 hours away so Loreli will be very spoiled with all the holding and hugging. We will take a lot of pictures and send them all along.
Have a nice rest of the evening.
Love to your family, Andrea

April 20, 2008

Hi Deb, Loreli is doing fine and I wanted to send you a few pictures. We are settling in and she is very comfortable in the home. Our other 2 dogs just love her. I was a bit concerned about that, but there is nothing to worry about. Loreli sleeps very well. I love to have her on my lap, petting her and she just falls asleep. I guess that is what babies do.
Please see pictures attached. I will get more soon!!!
We were able to get the same puppy food so all is OK there. I still need to get to Wal-Mart for the puppy pads. We live very far from a Wal-Mart so it has to be a weekend trip.
I just had a couple questions. As for the AKC registration. Will I receive the paperwork from the AKC itself or do I have to fill out any forms? I remember with our other 2 dogs, we received the information in the mail but it took a couple weeks. It is so great to see the bloodlines and the grandpas and grandmas. We actually have them framed. I guess it acts as a birth cerificate. My second question is on the pictures. I think I remember one of the emails saying there would be a disk with the pictures. I could be wrong there. However, it would be easy for my son to uplaod all the pictures we got in the emails onto a disk. Please help me with my memory there.
Deb, thank you for all your help and love you gave Loreli. I can tell she was really loved and spoiled. She is perfect. Maybe, in the very near future, we will be wanting another dachshund. Our little girl who is about 6 thinks that Loreli is hers. She is very protective. I will make sure I get all 3 pictures to you. I will talk to you soon and have a great week ahead.
Most sincerely, Andrea


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