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August 21, 2007

This is Eric and Lorelei. Eric is my neighbor and he brought Lorelei for a visit. He said that they sometimes also call her Lucy. She got to visit some of the pups that she grew up with, the rest were playing in the back yard. She also got her toenails trimmed one of the reasons for the visit. She is about 6 months old in these pictures and is still very small. When she isn't home she is on the road with Doug and Eric in the big rig.

July 14, 2007

Well I went to visit Lorelei when she was home from one of her trips in the semi. She is very quick and I had a very tough time taking pictures of her as you can see. She cam running as soon as she seen me, it is nice to know that she remembers. Eric tells me that she went to the vet recently and she weighs a whole 5 lbs. He also says that his parents and especially his dad want to keep Lorelei for themselves. So he is hoping to surprise them in the future with a puppy of their own when I have some here.


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