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Update sent March 20, 2007

hi deb,
jewels is doing great, she gives our 6 year old beagle all he can stand. it use to be when he had enough he would just jump on the couch. now she is right after him.
it was good hearing from you, i will have my girls send you some recent photos.

Update sent May 3, 2006

thanks for the info. i will be looking out for the paperwork.
jewels is doing great, she and petey get along great. she is almost house broken.
she had a vet appointment last tuesday and another one the 19th of may for her final shots. the vet said she looks great and was in good health.
once again thanks for everything, keep in touch.

Update sent April 22, 2006

brian ***** wrote:
HI DEB, jewel is a complete joy. when she arrived she was in good spirits and ready to get out of her crate.
she slept the night through in my daughters bed. our other dog (petey) doesn't know how to deal with another dog in the home, he seems a little confused. he has not shown any aggressive behavior towards jewel which is great.
i have an appointment with our vet on tuesday the worming schedule will come in handy thank you.
i will keep in touch with you via e-mail and i hope youdo the same.