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Marlene and Private Hendo's Update Page
Adopted in Kentucky in November 2009

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Marlenes's Baby Picture Gallery Private Hendo's Baby Picture Gallery

June 20, 2011

Super spoiled puppy!! :-) Marlene almost always sleeps upside down, lol!!

December 20, 2010

There are two spoiled puppies cuddled up with Maddy !! Too cute !!!
They are OMG spoiled!!! Lol

August 29, 2010

That is GREAT !!! I will add you on my facebook for sure !! Private & Marlene are doing wonderful & they are sooooo funny....Private has upgraded things that he will chase, from flies to moths,lol...& Marlene just stares at him with embarrasment , because she just isn't afraid of anything,lol. They are incredibly spoiled , & we are so very glad that we chose 2, instead of just 1 !! They are buddies & I can't imagine them not being together ! They have added so much happiness to our home ! When my husband comes home from work, then go absoluetely nuts, because they are so excited,lol...Private even trots over to greet him with his favorite bone!! Marlene, hops around, like a circus puppy, & they both usually run & jump on him, & hop around trying to get petted first, before the other one,lol. They are adorable !! When we are sick, they will get up on the couch & snuggle up .....I swear that they are like chicken soup for a cold,lol...they always make you feel better !! They have graduated up to their big og food now ! We stuck with the brand you recomended & they have been so healthy & look great !! Thank you so much for allowing us to have them ! They are amazing!!

November 19, 2009

They are so cute...the last one is how they usually fall asleep whe snuggling, which is daily,lol
Krishna :-)
============================== This was the first day home ! i have more, but they are still on my cell, so I have to send them to my email. They are too cute !!! They have already learned to sit when they want picked up to snuggle on the couch, which usually turns into them bouncing across the couch,like jumping jacks,lol. They are so hysterical. They DEFFINETLY are like Garfield & Odie...the personalities are so different, but they get along great, with an argument here & there over their smallest sqeuaky duck, that we have named Stevie.
When my husband comes home from work, they are on a dead run for daddy,lol. The kids get the same reaction, when they get in the door from school...it's too cute!
They LOVE to chase each other around the backyard, when it's warm enough. We got them the cutest harnesses, with matching leashes..yes,lol..they have more than one leash & collar & harnesses,lol.
So far they seem to be doing great & are sooooo smart. We were really suprised at how quickly they learned our names & how smart they are! They have been a welcome addition to our family & I am very glad we have 2, so that they have a buddy!
I will take more pictures, we have just been really busy, & my computer had crashed.
Hope you have a great holiday & that all your babies & parents are doing well !!! they are all so cute !!!
Thank you & I will email again soon!!
Krishna, Richard, Violet, Madison, & Izabella Henderson :-)

From Private Hendo, Marlene and Family on November 19, 2009

Hi Deb, Thank you soooooo much !! We are enjoying Private Hendo & Marlene so much !! They warmed up immediately to EVERY member of the family !!! I have pictures but have to upload them !!! They are ADORABLE & soooo loving......we already have them sleeping all snuggly in their crate , with their door open...they LOVE their bubble space...they come out & play with us & even fall asleep being snuggled in baby blankets already, in our laps !! I actually fell asleep on the couch with Private Hendo, while the youngest girls cuddled the very sleepy, Marlene in a baby blankie, while they watched cartoons,lol !! They are doing soooo well..we have already played with then in the backyard & put a pee post in the yard that helps them with where to go pee. So far it's worked well !!
Thank you again & we will be updating you frequently as they grow !!
Krishna, Richard & family !! :-)

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