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Emma Jo and Izzy Bea's Update Page
Adopted in Colorado in November 2009

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Emma Jo's Baby Picture Gallery
Izzy Bea's Baby Picture Gallery

September 10, 2010

It was nice to hear from you and your face book pages look great.
Izzy Bea and Emma Jo are doing quite well. They've grown into very nice little ladies with a bit of a mischievous side to them. We really like to pull things off the coffee table and run around the house with things in their mouths. Always under feet and willing to help make the bed, fold clothes or dare I step into the kitchen in case there are treats to be had. Toys are all over but then little dogs never seem to have enough of them. New toys seem to look very old or are totally destroyed within minutes.
They sure bring a smile and laugh to everyone that see's them. Of course, they're everyone's best friend.
I've attached a couple of pictures so you can see how big they've gotten. It's hard to get them to stay still for any length of time in order to get a good picture.
I hope all is well with you and your family.
Thanks again for the website link.

December 1, 2009

The girls are wonderful... exploring everything. Tess has finally warmed up to them and is beginning to play despite her size and weight. Emma has so much energy and is becoming a lap dog. Izzy is still a ball of fur and her facial expressions are priceless when it comes to her looking at me when I say, "No."
You have done a wonderful job raising them.
For the most part, they continue to use the doggy pads or have progressed to occasionally going outside. We still haven't caught on to why we go outside yet. Emma shivers as soon as the cold air hits her. She wants to be held and kept warm while Izzy is clueless about the weather until after about 5-10 minutes and then the light bulb comes on that she's cold.
I'm gald to hear you have placed most of the puppies. I'm sure they have found good homes.
Thanks for everything and take care.

From Emma Jo, Izzy Bea and Family on November 25, 2009.

Both Izzy and Emma have adjusted well. We play, scrap with one another and have even gotten Tess to at least look at us, sniff us and bark with her tail wagging.
There's been no problem adjusting to our new food and Emma is a very good eater - stealing food from Izzy since she's a slower eater. Emma clearly is displaying the alpha dog syndrome and is enjoying being bully to her smaller sister.
We're sleeping a bit later each night and that's been good for me. I hope you've had luck in placing the other puppies. I continue to show others pictures of Emma and Izzy and how wonderful you've been throughout the entire process.
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
Take care.

From Emma Jo, Izzy Bea and Family on November 17, 2009.

Deb Our first day in our new home has been eventful. We've cornered the 11 year old dog into a corner and scared the 15 pound dog by two 2 pound puppies. It was quite a feat! Tess (the 11 year old is still not sure of us. We've taken over her blankets and space. We think we might be king of the hill - at least for one day. We're looking forward to tomorrow and the new things we can explore. Thanks for being our Mom. We love you!
Izzy Bea and Emma Jo.

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