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November 12, 2010 and December 17, 2010

C'mon daddy....I have something to tell you and it's a secret!!! and his daughter Myah is ready for Christmas now.

January 6. 2008

Hi Deb,
Here's a picture of Dugie and his new playmate, Dexter. Not sure if it was a wise decision to get another boy but didn't want to deal with the chance of having any litters in the future. We do intend to get Dugie fixed soon anyway.
We are having fun with the "first one here" dominence thing that Dugie is displaying but he is also showing a lot of concern for the puppy when he cries for attention. They play together okay but we are having to referee when Dugie gets too rough, his not wanting to stop roughhousing while wearing Dexter out pretty quickly. Dexter instigates a lot of it too. Dugie doesn't want to share his toys or bones with the new competition either so it's taking time to sort it all out, making sure Dugie is still getting plenty of attention.
The new puppy is also a little piggy when it comes to eating so having to make sure Dugie is getting his share without Dexter getting into both bowls.
The fun thing these days is in trying to house-break Dexter, so far he isn't getting the idea, so really have to watch for the signs and make sure he gets to the potty pads. I can tell it will be a challenge til he gets it, but too cold here to spend much time outside for walking with him. Dugie is getting more used to the snow now and goes out like a little trooper til he gets the job done. I think Wendy's having Diamond and Addy here walking into the snowbanks rather than just along the edges helped Dugie too.
I certainly have a lot of respect for what you do in caring for the many litters you have. It really must be a full time job. It's a lot of work having just two of them, but it is also rewarding when they lovingly curl up next to you for naptime.
Any suggestions for an easier plan for the housebreaking, I'll take them?

December 31, 2007

Hi Deb,
Sorry it has taken me so long to get a pic sent to you of Dugie. We've had a busy past few months and I've barely had time to breathe.
Dugie has been the best thing we've added to our daily routines and household. Although it took a while in getting him used to the snow and cold here in North Dakota, he loves the outdoors when it's nice out. We haven't been able to go on such long walks in the snow, but this past summer, his favorite things were the long evening walks we'd go on, which did all of us some good.
He loved to go camping so we went as often as we could. I'd never realized before how many people who went camping had dogs and Dugie makes many new friends every time.
Our neighbor kids love him as much as we do too, so I know we'll always have a sitter if we need one.
We just got another puppy, a black and tan dapple dachshund, from a breeder in Minnesota. He'll be a fun playmate for Dugie when he gets a bit older. Dugie thinks he can play rough but Dexter is only 7 weeks old and has some catching up to do.
My daughter, Wendy, had Addy and Diamond here for Christmas and Dugie and Addy would romp and play for hours, then both needed their nap time. I think Dugie really misses her when she leaves, but they pick up where they left off whenever they see each other.
Thanks for the Christmas greeting. I enjoy being kept up to date on your babies, and still check out your website often. Keep in touch.
Marlene, North Dakota

September 25, 2007

Dugie is doing great and we are so enjoying him and his antics. He definitely has a personality and is a perfect fit for our household. I'm so glad that Wendy passed along the info so we could do business with you. I'll send pics as soon as I can. Am still in the process of installing programs and files after a computer crash and changing providers so my camera hasn't been installed yet. Will take some pics soon and send them on to you. I'll be checking out your site when those new pups arrive too. TTYL. Marlene

June 19, 2007

Thought I'd send a couple of my favorite pics of Dugie before he left for ND. We had a great time with him here. Addy was sad to not have her mini-me following her around. We all miss him even though he was only here for a short time. I don't know how you let them all go. I could never do it. You have a big heart to spread so much joy to so many.
Last I heard mom was having trouble getting much done cause Dugies favorite spot is in her lap! He is a great little guy. I'm sure mom will keep you posted on how things are going as they get acquainted.
Keep in touch

June 4, 2007

I'm sure you are wondering how Dugie is. I just wrote my mom so thought I'd send you a quick note too.
He has settled in very well. Much faster than Addy did. He seems to be more easy going than Addy. But demanding when he wants some cuddle time.
He slept all night last night after a rough first night. The first night I wasn't sure where he would be more comfortable sleeping so it was a few hours before I gave in and put him with me. Addy was a little put out that he got her spot. So last night I made sure she got her spot next to me and Dugie slept next to Addy and everyone was comfortable all night.
As much fun as Addy and Dugie have together, I got feelings from Addy today that she isn't too happy with the new baby taking her mom. She sits in front of me with this look on her face that looks so accusatory. Pretty cute actually. Been trying to convince her it is just temporary but I don't think she is buying it. So I've been trying to get Dugie to sit mostly with Chase so Addy can sit with me like she usually does.
Diamond has just accepted the fact that little dogs are taking over the house. She prances around like a lionness and barks when one of the other two are doing something they shouldn't be. Dugie backs out of the way when Diamond walks through a room. Almost like he is bowing to her. I think he is still mesmerized by her size. He doesn't seem to be scared of her just very wary.
Dugie is now sitting in the middle of the room watching the curtains blow in the breeze. He doesn't get into mischief like Addy did at that age. I had to watch her every second. Dugie is just happy to be sitting close to me in whatever room I am in. Which will be a good fit for my mom. I think she will enjoy the company around the house.
Well better go Will keep you posted Tell your husband he is doing great!

June 2, 2007

Dugie and Addy wrestled and chased each other all afternoon. Dugie didn't nap until 830p, and then there was no waking him up. He was out cold. After sleeping an hour and a half they are at it again. Addy just won't leave him alone. Diamond is hiding out in Chase's room. Too much activity for her, I guess.
Everything is going well. I'll keep you posted.


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