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December 8, 2010


October 5, 2007

Hey there, just wanted to say a quick hello. We looked at your new site and really like what you have been able to do with it so far.
All is well with the wieners,, Buddy is doing well and has almost no lasting problems. Dixie is the lady of the house as always, and I am convinced that the new blonde male is retarded. Well maybe not totally, but he is a spaz, total energy and on the go 24 hrs a day. I am not sure he ever really slows down enough for actual sleep.

March 20, 2007

Hey Deb
How are you doing everything is going good here. Buddy is doing very well thank you so much for asking about him. Dixie is doing really good also she is very spoiled just like buddy. But she does not like anybody other than my girls daniel and I she is always scared of everybody which is ok with me. That way I know that no one can take her. Daniel thought she would always want to be with him but she is always with the girls and when they go to bed she likes to cuddle up next to me. Which I really like that to. Of course buddy and dixie have tried kicking Daniel out of the bed almost all the time. I really have enjoyed having her. Both of my girls love her so much. I have bought her so many toys and she has destroy all of them about 30 minutes to an hour after giving it to her and for my shoes about 3 pairs and the girls about 2 pairs each but I still love her so much! She has also followed buddys thing about chasing lizards the other day she brought one in for us to see. I will have Daniel take some pics this weekend of her and buddy together and send them to you.We just got new computer not sure how to put pics in yet. Sure sounds like you have been pretty busy wish I was there to help I love to cuddle with dashounds they are so lovable whenever I'm down I just cuddle with Dixie and buddy and things doesn't seem so bad. I am taking classes online for vet assistant I just really enjoy animals and hope to one day be able to spend a lot of time with them.
Guess better go buddy and Dixie are both jumping on the side of my legs wanting me to pick them up .
Take care.
Melissa and Dixie
love you my first mommy

November 6, 2006

Hey Deb,,,, In answer to your question yes, Dixie is doing much better with her #1&2 potties... We believe the week break was just too much for her while Melissa and I went on our honeymoon, and add in the fact of no Buddy for that week. She is still quite a timid and shy little lady, ,, not so while we are here by our selves, but when company arrives she heads for shelter. It takes a couple of hours for her to start socializing again. But as soon as they leave she is back to running and bouncing around like a sprayed roach...We do watch your website frequently, and love to look at the new pups.. As far as the Spay,,, well,, I just don't think I am up to the dedication and time involved with showing dog's again. And with having her done before her first heat I have been told it removes all chances of her deveoping breast problems down the line. Buddy is now getting able to play with her again somewhat,,,, or at least when he is not spending his time romancing one of the cats. He has recovered complete control of his #1 & 2 also, which is a great relief off my mind. And is getting around pretty well. Still not 100% with his ballance in back,, and sometimes wobbles a bit, but his mussle tone is recovering wonderfully. And we are very pleased with his condition only 7 weeks out of surgery. .

November 5, 2006

Hey Deb,,, just a quick note to say hello. Just wanted to say hey and let you know that Dixie is doing well... Buddy has recovered to probably 75%/maybe 80, of his previous self. We were so very lucky when we were getting our advice for treatment and the timing could not have been better for us. We had him in the right place, staffed by the best people in there field. Melissa's asleep with Dixie, (enclosed pic) and it's an evening of football for me. Hope all is well for you and your little ones..
p.s. you may notice fresh stitch marks on her belly. We have decided no showing or breeding is to be in her future. Two dog's are plenty especially with Buddy's health. So we have had her fixed before her first heat. She was sore for a couple days, but seems to be as happy as ever now. And that's just fine with us.

October 10, 2006

My Answer to their question

I am glad to hear that Dixie is doing good for the most part. I am really happy to hear that Buddy is doing so good.
As far as the potty training is going, I guess the first question that I have is about when the problems started for you. Was there something that triggered her change in behavior about going outside. I have added the question and answer section about potty training. Did this start after Daniel had to go back to work, I know that he was on a vacation when you first got her and maybe she is acting out because he is not home as much.
This will take a lot of patience, love and attention. Some scolding which is always hard to do. When she goes inside. I would take a paper towel or a potty pad and soak or scoop it up while telling her this is a no no we go outside to potty and then pick her up and go outside to the spot you want to use and put the paper towel or potty pad down and tell her this is where you go potty, not inside the house. You will need to do this immediately, later on she won't understand why she is getting scolded. Leave that in the spot. When you take her outside, first take her to that spot and tell her to go potty. If she does, praise the heck out of her, give her lots of love, tell her what a good girl she is and maybe even give her a treat. Then let her down and tell her to go play then bring her in. You will have to continue to repeat this process. If she is not use to crating that may increase her anxiety about the changes, if this was caused by a change in what was going on at home.
The other options are to continue to use a potty pad. I just had one family tell me that they litter box trained theirs and it is working successfully. You may want to put a potty pad in the litter box and then if she uses that, put another one outside. Or just continue to do the litter box.
I am not by any means saying that anything was done wrong. It could be that something scared her outside also, or she is just being a stubborn little stinker.
I hope that some of this will help, it can be frustrating. Once in a while a have an older dog that thinks they just don't want to go outside it is too much trouble and I have to scold them and take them out. I understand they are 9 and 10 years old it is cold or wet outside, but, they still need to go. I usually get them straightened up in a day or so. So, I guess I am saying it should be fixable. Keep me posted and maybe we can find some other things that may be helpful if this doesn't work.
Looking forward to the pictures.
I hope Dixie co-operates and Buddy continues on track to a healthy back again.
How do I potty train my puppy?
That has been started for you. Expect some accidents, but, not as many as you might think. Figure out where you are going to put a potty pad and make sure that your puppy knows where it is. I would suggest at first you may need one in each room. I would definitely put one by the door that you are going to take the puppy outside the house at. I would take one outside where you want the puppy to go potty. If you take your puppy to the same spot to potty all the time then that will be their spot and you won't have to go through a mine field in your yard all the time. When you take your puppy outside to potty, when they do, pick them up praise them, give them lots of love and then let them down to play and explore a bit. If you don't give them the time to explore or play a little bit, they will learn, I get to go outside, yeah, I do what I am suppose to do, yeah, then it is either, they scoop me up and I go inside, boo, or I get to play a bit, yeah. If you scoop them right up and take them in then they will learn, goof off till I can't stand it anymore so I get some play time outside while they wait for me to do my thing and I get scooped up to go inside. I have been told that they are very quick to transition to going outside. I have had several reports of with in a day or so, they get it and are more than ready to go outside. You would still be able to use the pads inside when you are not able to take them out while at work or have to leave. They can only control their bladders and such for a few hours. If you are going to use the pads all the time because of apartment living I would highly suggest putting the pad in a cat litter box and teaching them how to use it that way to protect your floor.

Hi Deb
How are you doing? Things are good here Buddy is doing well recovering very well trying to keep up with Dixie. I do have a question how do you train the puppies to go potty outside. We have had trouble with Dixie she did pretty good for a while when we got her now she will go outside for a little while and not go to the bathroom but as soon as we get inside for a few minutes she goes on the floor. We have been keeping her in a create to see if that would work but I feel so mean doing that. If you have any ideas please let me know. Buddy was already pretty trained when I got him so not sure how to handle it.
As for everything else pretty good she is weighing in at 8 pounds and the vet said needed to take her off puppy food because we do not want her to get to big. I will send you pic's this weekend.
Hope all puppies are doing well keep trying to get Daniel to let me have another but has not work yet but will keep trying:).
Thank you
Melissa & Daniel

October 5, 2006

Hey Deb, Just a note to let you know Dixie is doing great, Weighing in at 8.3lbs, and now completely finished with her shots. She's still shy around new people but that's to be expected. She's quite a little lady. Everything she does shows her feminine side more and more.
And while it's great to report Dixie's doing well we must add that we are having some trouble with Buddy our 5yr old Male. He herniated a disk L1/L2 on Saturday the 23rd, and lost all use of his hind leg's and or feeling. We rushed him to Florida Veterinary Specialists in Tampa (division of University of Florida), and they took great care of him. His surgery while long and quite expensive has seemed to worked pretty well. We got him back on the 30th and now 12 day's out of surgery he is ambulating pretty well and even lifting a paw to pee. And once you get by the Frankinpuppy (17 staples in the back) thing he' is in pretty good spirits. We go back middle of next week to remove the staples and hopeful that we get a clean bill of health. Although he is going to be on cage rest for another month/6weeks, we are sure of a great recovery.
That's about it for now..
take care,,
Daniel, Melissa.

September 7, 2006

Hey Deb, All is well here in sunny Fla. Dixie is doing well and weighing in just shy of 6 lbs. Growing like a weed she is.
Her and Buddy are great friends now and hardly do you see a blanket moving when both are not under it.
We have been working on walking and going potty while on the lead as I have removed all our fencing and have had contractors bringing in 10 truckloads of fill and re-sodding our back lawn. We will be increasing the size of there running area by three when we are done. And we are hopeful that just shy of half an acre will be good for her.
She sure has some energy. And she has been great for buddy also. He is getting tons more exercise now, and I think it's helped his breathing. I get a kick out of watching them just take off running. He will chase her one way and she will chase him back. Oh to be young again..
Well, that's about all for now, will get you updated on some pictures soon.
thanks again,

Update sent August 17, 2006

Hey deb, just thought I would send you a pic of Dixie and her new lunch buddy.

Update sent August 16, 2006

Hey Deb,
Just thought I would touch base with you and let you know how Dixie is doing. She has adjusted wonderfully and now is happy as any little pup has ever been. Potty training is moving ahead slowly, but steady. She will go outside, but only when we take her. She's no dummy, it's hot out there.
We had our second checkup with our vet this week, and he is very pleased with her progress. We got our next booster and a clean checkup for our ears and weighed in at 5.3 lbs.
She has become a master at the game of fetch, and will play it till long after we tire of it. She also play's it with Buddy. He steals her toy's and hides them under the bed, and she brings them back to the carpet next to the couch. Sometimes they pass each other during this game, it's pretty comical. Will enclose a pic of her napping on her favorite couch.
Talk to you later on..

Update sent July 28, 2006

Greetings Deb, We got the paperwork today, thanks a bunch for your prompt service.
Dixie is doing well, spoiled to death but I would not have anything to do with that at all. Must be someone else's fault.
Today she found the doggy door to the back yard and while timid, she has used it a couple times for a quick peek. She and Buddy are starting to play some, but she gets scared pretty easily. However she is becoming quite assertive in sneaking to the back room and stealing back her chew toys.
Our house cat has kittens that are 6 weeks old and we have them corralled off in our walk-in closet with a two foot high plyboard. They can't get out but she sets on our bed and looks in and watches them play. Her whole body shivers with excitement, she wants to play so bad. But Momma cat is pretty protective so we keep some distance between them.
She is using her puppy pad almost mistake free at least for #1. #2 is about 50/50. That's about it for now.. Thanks for everything,,

Update sent July 26, 2006

Here's the pic of the day.
Hey Deb, good morning, I see that yesterday you sent me a message reguarding paperwork. My system threw it in the trash and I am not able to retrieve it. So if you don't mind could you send it again. I also sent you a message with the subject line "This and that". I see it also went to my trash file with a scanning error, so incase that did not reach you I will copy and paste it below..
Thanks, Daniel.
Hey Deb, received your message last evening and thought I would send a few lines your way.
No the vet did not say why she had the yeast in her right ear, only that we would treat both just in case. Dixie is receiving a dab of ointment in each ear in the am and massaging into the ear folds. The name is "Otomax Ointment 7.5g. She had a slight reaction to the booster shot and ran a slight temp last night. All was solved with half a tablet of Teramil P. (antihistamine) and a 1/8 tsp of children's Motrin. Within the hour she was bouncing around again.
She has really taken to Melissa and I have been reduced to the guy that get's the treats down. Buddy has always followed Melissa around the house, but it's pretty comical to watch Buddy and Dixie do it together.
She and Melissa have also decided that I only get the right 1.5' of the bed and no covers at all. Today we applied our first dose of Revolution, and I am pleased to report no adverse affects. So I think we have it licked. We will try to get some pic's out to you in the next few days.
Take care , and have a great afternoon.

Update sent July 24, 2006

Greetings Deb,
We had our first vet visit this morning, and all is good. Weighing in at 4.7lbs, she has some yeast in the right ear, but we are treating that now.
We have been having some problems keeping Buddy's food down (Dixie getting into it) and keeping Dixie's food down (Keeping the cat's from it)... So since we are at the last of the cat food, and the extra protein won't hurt Buddy we have a official change of menu in the household with exception of the Dane outside. Oh well, I guess we can't win them all.
The vet you use was very helpful and faxed down complete records to our vet with no problem and Please tell him thanks next time you visit. She got her third booster and we started her on Revolution flea/tick/heartworm combo, was neg for worms and in great health. We are having great luck with the puppy pads for both #1 and #2. As she gets older and starts exploring outside we will gradually move it further towards the door.
As for now she is primarily inside, and we keep her in her crate when we are not home to avoid any potential problems. She seems to be adjusting very well. that's about it for now..
Have a great afternoon.
Daniel .

Update sent July 21, 2006

Hey Deb,
Just writing a few things down for you as to Dixie's first day. After such an exhausting trip she slept most of the night through, but was ready to play this am. We are really enjoying her and although quite timid and shy most of the time, We think she is making great progress. So here goes..
Dear MOM. What a night. Hannah and I were loaded right next to each other on the plane and were off to our new families. The people on the plane who took care of us were great. But I think the guy driving got lost becouse we kept going up and down, but he could not find a good place to park so it took an extra 4 hours to get to where I met my new Dad.
He was cool and let Hannah and I play for a bit while he was talking to her new Dad, then He and I took off to my new home. It was very late and way past my bedtime when we got there so I don't remember much. I was pretty tired and mostly went straight to sleep.
But first thing this morning I got to play for a bit with one of the little girls that live with me. But then the strangest thing happened, we got in the truck and went to the vet, but it was my new Dad that got the shot and I got to meet all the doctors and nurses that work with my new Mom. I didn't quite understand this but it was great not to be the one getting poked.
Then we went to one of the coolest places ever,, Burger King drive through, I got to experience a lot of new fun smells there, and the bag's we got there smelled even better but I didn't get to taste any. Not sure why but I will work on that later.
Then we got to go to a place called Home Depot and I got to ride in a cart through the whole store and say hello to lot's of people while Dad picked out new celling fans.
Then at noon my new Mom came home and I got to play and she took me to meet some new animals. A huge Great Dane named Baby? (very nice dog but pretty bouncy). A nice cat called Prissy (she said hi and went on her way). A grumpy barn cat named Callie (she was not very nice and I don't think I will talk to her much). But the most fun was another doxie named BUDDY. He keeps stealing my toys but my mom get's them back for me. I think he likes me but sometimes he's just weird, (must be a guy thing).
I used the puppy pad twice today and got a treet each time. And I enjoyed taking a nap with little girl named ****. My new Mom is going to send you a picture following this letter. And now I am curled up in her nap watching some tv.
A pretty good first day I think. OH I forgot,,, they give those bath things down here too. bye for now,,
Thanks again Deb for our little girl Dixie. She's quite a little lady. We will keep you posted as to her progress and will keep the pic's coming. Thanks for all you have done..
Daniel, and Melissa.

Update sent July 20, 2006

Hey Deb,
just a quick note this evening while Dixie is playing in the kitchen. Made it home in great time once all was sorted out. And the airline staff made everything as fast and simple as possible.
I guess the whole thing was started when they were late leaving Houston.. The airline called and told me that they were an hour late, and that was fine. Then we had a tremendous lightning storm that closed the airport for a bit and the plane had to divert to Orlando for fuel. It finally landed at 7:53 and we had Dixie by 8:25. A long drawn out day but worth every bit.
Dixie and Buddy seem to be off to a great start but we will take it easy for her for a bit. Will talk to you later on ...
Have a great eveing.....


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