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June 13, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Dessa Bella! Avery loves you! ? 06.13.11

April 18, 2011

giving Dessa her first pet...more like grab ;)
hi baby!
catching up on his sleep after tax season

January 24, 2011

1 our crib inspector ;)
2 this meets the code Mom ...i approve."

January 1, 2011

November 20, 2010

September 18, 2010

Dessa loves her new sister already.

September 6, 2010

Dessa is helping and giving her opinion on her new sister's nursery and the colors to choose from.

December 18, 2009

Hi Deb,
We would love to see pictures of Vivian, we are still keeping an eye on the litters you have up.
We are kinda set on a smooth hair though. They are all adorable, but we are just kind of partial to the smooth hairs. :)
We are so thankful for you and for blessing us with our little love Dessa. She is the most precious thing to us, we love her so very much.
She is doing her usual things this Christmas, snuggling by the fireplace, and sometimes eating a few pine needles from the tree. I always catch her and she gives me the sad "what did i do wrong?" eyes.
Hope you and the gang have the happiest of Christmases and a very joyous new year!
Let me know when you put up new pictures, although i do check your website regularly.
Beautiful Holiday Wishes,
Brooke. Shane. & Dessa Bella

From Dessa Bella and Family

Hi Deb! oh yes Miss Dessa Bella is doing wonderful as always.
Shane and I just got married on October 10th and when we went on our honeymoon i missed her soooo much! i got sad every time we looked at pictures of her! :( i was so happy when we came home, it is so hard being away from your pets!
We really do want another baby, but we are both working a lot these days and i dont know if we have the time right now for a puppy. They are soooo adorable though! Are any of them as small as Dessa was? If we did get another one we would want to get another female and hopefully one that will stay small like Dessa, she is still only about 6.5 pounds :)
i will attach some pictures for you! Dessa was a lady bug for halloween (well, for about 5 minutes).
Hope you are doing well!
Take Care,
Brooke, Shane & Dessa

From Dessa and her family on June 20, 2008

Hi Deb!
Here are a few new and also very cute pictures of our precious Dessa. It was her first ever visit to the beach. She loved the sand and the sun, but wasn't a big fan of the water. No surprise there (we know how dachshunds are when it comes to being cold.) Well anyway we had such a good day with her and we wanted to share it with you as well.
loves and hugs always,
Brooke, Shane, and Dessa

From Dessa and family June 17, 2008

Hi Deb!
I meant to e-mail you on last Friday to wish Asher a Happy First Birthday! Dessa had a great day! She is now on what we like to call big girl food :) for doggies 1 year and up. She is as spoiled as ever, and if you can believe it even more comical. She has this squeaky donut toy that she shoves under our couch and then whines until one of us comes and gets it out and throws it for her. She also loves it when Shane holds her bone for her while she chews it. She can hold it herself, but she prefers to have someone hold it for her...so spoiled! haha
Anyway we hope you are doing well. Any new puppies on the way? We still want to give Dessa a little brother or sister someday.
Can't wait to hear from you, sorry it has been so long since we last chatted.
Ohhhh! and Shane and I are engaged! I almost forgot to tell you! We are getting married October 10th, 2009.
Well, hope to hear from you soon.
Loves and Hugs Always,
Brooke, Shane, and Dessa

From Dessa and family February 17, 2008

Hi Deb,
Hope all is going well with the new families! We just wanted to send you a few more pictures of Dessa, she is back to her normal playful self (after being spayed). We really couldn't be happier! Talk to you soon!
HuGs aLwAyS,
Brooke, Shane, and Dessa

From Dessa and family January 25, 2008

Hi Deb!
Congratulations on finding homes for all the little ones! They are all soooo cute! Shane and I are talking about getting another puppy. We just hate leaving Dessa alone while we are at work. I just noticed that Dessa'a parents are expecting another litter! That would be so great if we had a little brother or sister for Dessa from the same parents! Well, anyway we do hope to someday add another one of your beautiful puppies to our family. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our baby girl. I will send more, we are planning on taking her to the beach for the first time when it gets a little warmer. We can't wait to see the first pictures of your new litters! I think you could definitely call us a little dog or should I say dachshund crazy! haha Take care! Talk to you soon!
LoVeS & HuGs,
Brooke, Shane, and Dessa
Hi Deb,
One more thing i forgot to ask. That picture of Katie Kate...is that my little Dessa under her!? awwww such a great picture. She was so precious as a baby, wasn't she? : )
Love, Brooke

December 21, 2007

Hey Deb!
Merry Christmas to you and your family too Deb! I hope everyone's Christmas wishes come true and you all have a very happy, healthy, and wonderful new year! Such a great collage you made!
lOvE & hUgS,
Brooke, Shane, and Dessa

November 13, 2007

Hey Deb!
Thank you for the pictures of Asher! He is such a handsome boy! So big! Dessa is 5 lbs exactly right now, and has one baby tooth left.
I'm so glad to hear you found a home for Callie/Ruby. I think Cassidy is just adorable too!! How exciting you are having more litters! i will be watching your website to see them!
Well, Happy early Thanksgiving...Shane and I will be in North Carolina visiting his mom and brother so my mom will be taking Dessa for us. I am so thankful for her!!! She is the light of my life!! Thank you so much for picking us to be her family! Have a great holiday and i will be in touch soon! Take care Deb!
much love,

October 23, 2007

Hi Deb,
I was actually thinking about you this morning, and then i got side tracked. I know that CNN and such has been covering the firestorms. Shane, Dessa, and I are ok we got evacuated from our brand new home in Rancho Bernardo early yesterday morning around 6am. We are staying at my uncle and aunt's house in Encinitas (a coastal city) in San Diego, that is not threatened. So far we heard that our complex is still standing. We can't go home yet, we are still under mandatory evacuation.
Dessa is handling things very well. She was a little freaked out yesterday, but is now making herself quite at home here at my uncle's house. She is even intimidating my uncle's big German Shepard! its hilarious!! Thank you so much for thinking of us. I have more pictures to send to you i actually took them Sunday night before we woke up and had to be evacuated...i'll attach them below.
We are used to fires in San Diego, but these are really out of control. Hopefully by the end of the week we will get some moisture in the air which will help things.
I will keep you posted.
Hope all is well with you!
take care!
Brooke, Shane, and Dessa

September 24, 2007

Hi Deb!
It is so good to hear from you!! Congratulations on Roxie, that is so exciting! Your new page looks so great! I'm so glad you put the cute picture of Dessa in her bed as the main picture for her. She looks so adorable in that one! We just got her a new collar yesterday she out grew her 6 inch one and is now wearing an 8 inch. Such a big girl! We also got her new toys and new bones.
She is doing absolutely wonderful! We are actually moving on the 13th of October a little bit north. About 20 minutes. I hope she is not going to be scared when we move. It is a bigger place so she will have more room to run.
Oh! and one more thing I got Dessa a Halloween costume. It is a hot dog costume. I will for sure send you pictures it is hilarious! She looks like a little burnt hot dog. We love Halloween and our little Halloweiner!
Hope you are doing well Deb, have fun with the babies when they arrive! Take care! Can't wait to see pictures!

September 5, 2007

Hey deb here are a few of my new favorites! i hope you like them as well!
*hUgS* Brooke

September 3, 2007

Thanks Deb! the page looks great! i have a few more cute pictures i just took. I will send them soon. Also, we got the coupon in the mail for the food! That is awesome! Thank you so much! Dessa seems to be doing fine on the new food. We are still mixing in a little of your food. She gets cuter and cuter everyday, and she LOVES to chew things. I guess all puppies do though. Well have a great holiday. I will talk to you soon!
*hUgS* Brooke

August 22, 2007

Hey Deb!
Here are some of the pictures we have taken so far. They aren't as good as all the ones you took. You got such good ones!! Anyway all is well here. She is getting used to everything in our house very well. She has her first vet visit tomorrow. I'm sure she is a very healthy girl! Hope you and your doxies are all doing well! Take care!
*hUgS* Brooke

Hey Deb! So i have taken a few pictures so far. I will download them hopefully tomorrow and send them to you!
She is the cutest thing! She has only had 2 pee accidents in the house and 1 was in the kitchen. We are getting used to her signs when she needs to go out. It is so funny right before she goes #2 she runs around our dining room table (a full circle) and then tries to go potty. We then grab her and run outside. Hopefully she will get the hang of the door soon.
She cried a little last night and then we brought her in her bed to our bed. She slept in it all night until she had to get up and go potty. Which was so conveniently at 1 and 330 in the morning. Other than that things are perfect! She is so wonderful and makes us laugh. She hasn't even barked once! Such a good girl! I will send pictures soon! Hope to hear from you soon!!
*hUgS* Brooke and Shane


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