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April 9, 2007

hi deb,
i'm sorry i haven't written nor have i sent pictures. life is busy...but man...cody, since i've had him...i've had no problems...he's a very good dog...very hyper, but that's ok. thanks again for everything. in the future...we will be looking for a female...on the lighter side...possibly creme color...and probably same size as cody...i don't know yet if it will be long or short haired. thanks again. God bless.
well...here's a link of a video of cody and our other dog chloe. cody is the hyper one!

May 3, 2006

hi deb,
just wanted to give you an update...i'm beginning to trust him by not putting the gate up on places where he can't go. he is very playful and active...way too fast...keeps his environment clean and does everything outside. we're so happy...also sad because he has grown so much from when we first got him. alright...i'll talk to you later.
thanks, ron

April 25, 2006

hi deb,
cody is so big now...very playful and active and healthy...he is at 6.5 lbs now. it was only 1 month ago when i picked him up at 4 lbs. sorry i haven't send you pictures...but i took lots of them...i'll send it to you when i have time. thanks again.

March 29, 2006

most definitely...maybe this weekend...we have so many things to do. cody has done #2 three times already outside so i'm feeling confident about him. i will also send pictures of cody chloe and my kids. they are definitely a handful but it's still a joy. man...cody grow so quickly.

March 27, 2006

hi deb,
cody is doing great! he tends to hit a lot of stuff though because he is too fast! he did #2 outside...but had an accident of #2 couple of hours later. we got the paper works...don't know what to do with it? just call me when you can please or email me. thanks.

March 25, 2006

did i tell you he sleeps with me on his back? the only person that can make him stop whining is my wife...he is absolutely spoiled with me. i tell him the exact words my wife tells him...but it doesn't work. when my wife tells him to stop barking or whining, he will just stop and go straight to his bed and lay down. i got some canned food and mixed it with dry food...i just want to make sure he is eating. his appointment is on thursday so i'll bring all the paperworks and stuff. well, just a short note. thanks and have a good weekend. and yes...i can't believe i'm working on a saturday.
thanks, ron

March 24, 2006

sorry haven't emailed so much about cody...man...it's really busy at home...we have my daughter's bday celebration tonight and cody's new arrival last wednesday....all on the same week. i needed to clean the house, buy the stuff for my wife to cook, and run work at the same time. although...i can say that we've got everything ready for tonight. cody is not eating very much of his food? should i give him canned food or will he get use to that??? he ate a lot of snacks 'cause my daughter thought it was his food so she gave it to cody and chloe until it was gone...but that was in the afternoon...cody didn't eat...we brought the pad outside and he did #1... thanks for the paperworks.

March 23, 2006

wow...what a start...cody just wants to be carried...kind of like our newborn. also, i think we might change his name because our dog chloe comes when we call him. that sucks...we really like cody! i'll keep you updated...sorry, my email is short.
thanks, ron

oh yeah...chloe is definitely getting more attention...i don't like her to hate cody...cody chases her around though...she's a really nice dog...i kind of feel bad because chloe is potty trained but when give her a rag and she'll do #1 on that thing and lay on it...while cody on the other hand can distinguish what his bed is for and what his pad is for. on the other hand, do i need the paperworks when i take cody to the vet? also, when will we should expect that?


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