Cleo and Klaus's Update Page
Adopted Together in Virginia January 2008

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Cleo's Baby Pictures

Klaus's Baby Pictures

February 15, 2008

Hi Deb-
I hope you got the pics that my friend sent you. The puppies are doing great. They each have their distinct personalities. Cleo loves adventure and being outside. She is not afraid of anyone or anything. Klaus on the other hand is much more timid. He sticks by my side alot and he is less inclined to go exploring. Also, I have noticed that they whine alot! They just seem to cry alot, I guess it's just attention getting. They need my attention at all times. Also, they seem to "play fight" alot. If they are not eating, sleeping, or on a walk then they are fighting. They tackle each other, bite each other's skin and ears, bark etc. I'm really hoping they grow out of this. Is this normal? I figure since they are so close to each other and with each other all the time that this is what they do.
They are sleeping through the night though! They love being in their little crate. We go for our 2nd vet visit on Monday. Klaus outweighs Cleo by a pound now! I'll send you more pics soon.

From Cleo and Klaus(Kass) and their family January 25 and 27, 2008

Ok, great! Things are slowly getting better with the whining and crying. They are getting used to their surroundings and have recieved many compliments from my neighbors. Klaus is a little bit more timid than Cleo, but he eventually warms up. They love chewing on little bones. It seems to be their favorite toy. 25th
What a night last night! They were crying alot if I wasn't around them. So, they slept with me out on the couch. They must be missing you all! In regards to training, when should I start with the basics (jumping, chewing)? Should I start right away or wait a little bit so they get used to their envirnonment?
Also, Kass (I renamed him Klaus!) seems to be a little bit more of a baby than Cleo. He needed alot more attention whereas she was a little more willing to explore. He definitely cries more! Did you notice this too? They are so precious!

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