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From Lucy, Chewy and Family December 22, 2008

Hi Deb,
Thank you for thinking of us. We all hope that you and your family have the merriest of holidays as well!
We're thrilled to have Christmas time with Chewy and Lucy this year for the first time (last year we were away at Disney World).
It will be our last one with just the four of us, though. Josh and I are expecting our first baby (child not puppy :-)) this June. We're so excited for the addition and have no worries about the dogs...my little niece has broken them in pretty good!!
I've attached some recent photos of the pups!
Take care!
Bonnie, Josh, Chewy & Lucy

December 16, 2007 Lucy has Joined the Family

Hi Deb,
Lucy and Chewy are doing wonderful together. They are constantly either playing together or napping together. I must say the first night was rough. They took turns crying for most of the night. Lucy was obviously scared since it was her first night without Ruby and Chewy was spending his first night in the kitchen...previously he had us trained pretty good to let him sleep in the bed every night (under the covers!). The second night they were more calm when it was bedtime and by the third night, we did not hear a peep out of them. They love to cuddle together in their bed...it's so cute!
I attached some pictures of the two of them. Josh and I had forgotten how small Chewy was when we first got him. Lucy is so tiny, she makes Chewy look like a giant! We took advantage of Lucy's small size and snapped a quick photo of her in her Christmas Stocking...we couldn't resist!
We hope you, your family, and all your puppies have a wonderful holiday!
Take Care!
Bonnie, Josh, Chewy, and Lucy

September 25, 2007

Hi Deb,
Thanks for the update. I can't wait to see the pictures of the new ones when they arrive!
We have had a great summer with Chewy. He came to many BBQ's with us and as you can imagine, he was a big hit! He's made some new friends too...including Roco...who is about 20 times his size! It's so funny to see them next to eachother. I've attached a picture of their first meeting. The funny part is, Roco was more scared of Chewy!
I'll keep the pictures and updates coming!
Take Care!
Bonnie. Josh, and Chewy

July 29, 2007

Hi Deb,
I just wanted to give you an update on how Chewy is doing here in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Also, I finally have some pictures for you!
Chewy is 5 months old now and just about 7 pounds. Our friends and family think we're nuts when we say that he's gotten so big. One thing is for sure, he's still cuter than ever!
The first few weeks were definitely a lot of work, but every day it gets easier and easier. Chewy has grown to know the routine that we want him to follow and he has also become more independent. Although, he still has a closed off area in the kitchen when we're not home, we are not able to let him roam the house without worry when we are home.
The great thing about having a smaller dog is that we are able to take him just about everywhere with us. I have a travel bag for him when we go somewhere in the car and as soon as I pull it out he runs right over to it and jumps in. He love taking trips!
Josh and I are so glad to have Chewy in our lives. We can't imagine life without him now. We have even talked about getting him a playmate in the future...but not for at least until we've had him for a year.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Take care!
Bonnie, Josh, & Chewy

Hi Deb,
Just wanted to let you know that Beau is doing wonderful in his new home. We've actually decided to call him Chewy (which is very appropriate since he loves to chew everything!) Although he was very shy and clingy at first, we're noticing now that he is becoming more comfortable and is being more bold. He has also had his first vet visit which went very well.
We'll be sending some pictures along shortly just as soon as we get our camera fixed. Unfortunately we dropped it off last weekend to get fixed and it might take another week.
Thank you again for taking such good care of Chewy (Beau)!
Happy Mother's Day!
Bonnie, Josh, & Chewy


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