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Sent October 3, 2011

They (humans) caught me with some of their grub (the pantry door was open), so they are making me wear this ridiculous thing. They said it's my punishment for robbing from the rich to give to the poor.

Sent July 5, 2011

Reality Television was not invented by Humans! This is a pathetic survivor series Very Frustrating to watch. Yet it has it's veiwers captivated......

Sent February 16, 2011

Birthdays are almost as good as Big Meat Day (Thanksgiving). Thanks for all the birthday words and gifts... I like em... .
2 EMERGENCY-yets pway if da toy,
. 3 true love

Sent January 23, 2011

1. It's a good day to go bye-bye, DaToye, let me get you in the car."
2 "You in there good? Don't want you to fall out"
3 Put your seat belt on, DaToye"
4Are you ready?"
5 Let's GO! Bye-bye DaToye"

Sent December 23, 2010

Sent December 8, 2010

Sent December 6, 2010

Sent October 14, 2010

Sent September 30, 2010

Sent May 30, 2010

HOW CUTE, you and God make the best dachshunds. But Katie could not wait so we got her a long haired red girl two weeks ago. But keep me in your thoughts cause I never want to lose contact with you personally my future dogs will come from you.
Buster and his favorite toy, he has a facebook page Buster Barker, he is very funny and has many followers...

Sent August 18, 2008

Deb, I showed Buster the pictures he wants to know if he is related to the
new babies. Thanks,
By the way he is a wonderful dog. I don't believe I would purchase a dashsie from anyone but you. You do good work. Remember I have had lots of dashie's before and by far he is of the best temperment, smartest and best behaved of all the dogs I have had.

Sent March 2, 2008

Here is my baby boy

Sent February 15, 2008

Deb, Today is Buster's birthday. He is a year old. Adorable. I love him so much. I can't remember what his mom and dads names are so is this new litter his brothers and sisters. I know they are animals but I don't really see it that way. He is my little guy. I hope all is well with you. Keep in touch. Cyndi

Two Updates Sent January 8, 2008

I will send some pictures when I get back to the house. Buster is the smallest dachshund I have ever owned he is the right size and I adore him. But he is spoiled. But really cute.
Take care

Hey Deb,
How are you? I got your emails what a wonderful tribe you got there. I ended up with Buster, Dixie and Baby (my grandpup) more dogs than I wanted I will say that. They are all barking their heads off at squirrels and I am about ready to throw them all on the grill. Buster is so tiny. He is smart too. But a complete brat- speaking of brats - these dogs are going on the grill. Brats and Buns coming up. Dog gone DOGS!
Take care,
Hope your New Year is awesome.
Take care thanks again for the teeny-weinie.
Cyndi and Buster

October 3, 2007

My email has been down just fixed it. How are you? Buster is beautiful and I love him. You were right he didn't grow very big. He is still small. He is spoiled and funny (he chases shadows). Thanks for the update I will send you a picture soon.
Take care, Cyndi

April 22, 2007

Buster is as cute as he can be everyone wants to steal him from me. They don't have a chance cause I guard him with my life. I am so scared he is going to get stepped on or hurt so I watch him closely. He sleeps with me at night.
He is a lover and I couldn't be happier he was well worth the trip. He cried alot the first several days and I held him almost constantly. But he seems to be over that and playful and happy.
Thanks for him again, Deb. You are a good person.

April 15, 2007

We made it home on Saturday night at about 8 pm. Buster did well during the trip as he slept most of the time. He has been timid as expected these few days and just this afternoon started getting more active. He is just like having a baby around, sleeps, eats, drinks plays a little and then starts the process over. He makes me hold him most of the time. Such a baby.
I adore him already. He is sleeping on a pillow on my bed covered up with his blanket as I write.
Thanks again for everything.
Bye for now, Cyndi & Buster and Family.


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