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Bianca's Update Page
Adopted in Alaska in August 2009

email: deb@mydachshunds.net.......phone 417-294-8837

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Bianca's Baby Picture Gallery

January 6, 2011

hi deb....thought you would like to see a recent picture of bianca.....also sent one of all my puppies on the doggie pad....bianca weighs about nine pounds....her hair is a little shorter than my other puppies but that has its advantages....she continues to be a joy to have around......as she gives you kisses every chance she can....and she loves to play fetch with her favorite toy. my other three do not have the same instinct to play fetch as bianca does. she has played fetch from the get go. well, just to let you know...she is loved.

March 17, 2010

Hello.....just a note to let you know how bianca is doing...she has grown up to be a very pretty girl.....she is doing well...she weights about 8 pounds....she has a little more growing to do I suppose... her hair length is a little short...but I like that...when I take the other dachshunds out for a walk they have to wear booties as the snow makes little balls on the bottom of their feet due to the long hairs between their toes and they start limping...bianca's feet do not do that....at least for now.
Thanks for a great puppy.

December 10, 2009

Just a few pictures to let you know that Bianca is doing great up here in Alaska. Like her buddies Peanut and Lucy, she loves the snow. They love to go out in fresh snow and make trails and find iceballs to argue over. Must be a trait of the longhair dachshunds. She also has another trait that makes my heart glow....she will play fetch with a ball. None of my other doggies have figured out how to play fetch...Bianca must come by it naturally....she loves to bring me back the ball. Of course it must be a small ball to fit into her mouth. She is so smart. Well, just to let you know that she is doing wonderful. Have a merry christmas.

September 25, 2009 From Bianca and Family

Heres a couple of pics taken 09/25/09 of bianca and the rest of the gang

September 02, 2009

Hi Deb,
she is adjusting great. when i take her to the vet for her shots i will ask about the interceptor and frontline. i don't think fleas and worms are a problem up here. i have not had any of that given to my other two puppies since they arrived, but i will ask the vet.

August 25, 2009

Its easier to email pictures from outlook...it resizes the pics...attached are a few pictures of bianca and the rest of the gang...she is fiesty and fearless...and stands her own against peanut and lucy...she has let me know that she does not like being in the kennel...but we are working on it...everything is going fine so far....
I would think it must be hard to see your puppies go away....i have often thought if I had puppies...i would have to keep them all.....
I will keep an eye out for the paperwork....thanks again for all your hard work.

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