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Adopted New Hamphshire October 2008

email: deb@mydachshunds.net ........ phone 417-294-8837


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December 22, 2009

Becca is just so cute an funny but she does have a mind of her own!!!!!!
We just love her soooo much, She is funny and cute and just so much fun, last week she played in the snow., that was so much fun to watch,
Deb, you just made our live complete
thank you so much,
Robin, Don Splash and Becca!!!!!
Gramma of 8!!

From Becca and Family December 23, 2008

We finally got home last Weds. night! What a mess, frozen pipes the whole mess.
We are nice and cozy now and Becca is growing every day!! She is such a blessing.
Deb, Thank you so letting us pay for her the way we did. I will never forget your kindness.
Tell Roger Hi from all of us and hope all the little ones are all ok during this cold weather.
Much love,
Robin, Don, Splash and Becca.
I did get her papers Yesterday!
Gramma of 8!!

From Becca and Family November 14, 2008

Things here are great!! Becca is getting big, and she is all ears!!!! She is so sweet, and fiesty!!!She loves to run, and jump, No one here has told her she is a Doxie!!
She still takes all her naps being held. Not spoiled or anything We just love her so much, words just don't seem to say it.
She goes to the Nursing Home this next Wednesday to meet her elderly friends. I just know she will be a big hit. I can't wait to tell you how that goes.
She had her nails trimmed yesterday and she didn't fuss at all!!She is the best in the whole world.
I will send pictures soon and keep you up to date with all her antics and funny new behaviors. She is just so smart too!
Much love to you and Roger,
Don Robin Splash and Becca
Gramma of 8!!

From Becca and Family November 2, 2008

Hi Deb!!
I didn't forget you!! We have been so busy with our new little love!!
She is just so wonderful!
She runs with the big boys!! She and Splash just have this thing going where he shepards her all around, like he is saying, "don't go there you are to little," or Come out on the Deck with me the sun is out and we can run" They are just so precious!!!
Don never puts her down, she has been held for all her nap times and sleeps with us at night. She has only pee'd on the bed 2 times! I think that is good. She still goes on her pee pads like a good girl.
We are soooooooooooooo in love with her!!
I will call when I get a minute at night!!
Love to you and Roger
Robin and Don, Splash and Becca
Gramma of 8!!

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