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Adopted in Missouri in January 2010 and Ava joined the family in January 2013.

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Baxter's Baby Picture Gallery

Ava's Baby Picture Gallery

January 20, 2013

What a difference a few hours make, her are Baxter and Ava playing.

Here are our first VIDEOS
Ava and Baxter Playing for the First Time

Ava Is Learning To Get Sneaky

The ride home was good. We stopped by my mom's in Raymore, MO to show off her new granddoxie. My mom thought she was precious. Poor Baxter, he is feeling very misplaced. He refused to interact with Jim or I on the way home and either stared out the window or at the door handle. We were hopeful he would feel more confident in his home setting, but not especially. He slept at the end of the bed and Ava slept on Jim's arm all night. I tried to coax him closer to me but he refused. It breaks my heart because we don't want him to feel any less loved or 'second'. I realize it may take him some time but I hope it's sooner rather than later. Ava slept really well and is using the Potty Pad like a big girl. I wish she'd eat better. She's picked at a few morsels here and there. I added a couple of drops of honey to her food this morning and she liked it and ate a couple bites of food. Ruby is doing much better with her than Baxter is and Ava has taken to her. Ava seems very happy and runs around wagging her tiny tail and playing. She is a little lover and gives non-stop kisses when you're hold her. I know Baxter will come around before long. This morning he allowed her to come over to sniff him a little but then he ran away...baby (puppy) steps!
We got on the internet last night to read about jealousy and a new puppy. We aren't changing anything about our normal routine around here and gave Bax & Ruby an extra treat last night. Baxter usually lives in one of our laps if he's not playing, so when one of us had Ava in our arms last night, the other had Bax. She is snuggled up in my lap right now and he's in her bed with her blanket...progress. : )
Thank you for the pictures from yesterday. Jim is going to buy a new gadget (I'm not sure what it's called) so that we can download the camera pics to the computer as our old one broke. We'll be taking more pictures today and I'll try to be better at sending them.
If we hear of anyone looking for a puppy, we'll definitely send them your way. You raise sweet, loving dachshunds!

December 27, 2010

Hi Deb!
What a fun year we've had with Baxter! He is such a joy and has more love to give than any doxie we've ever had.
He has to be touching you if you're sitting or sleeping. He prefers stretching out sideways in bed so that he is touching each of us while he sleeps.
Yes . . . we know it's a bad habit to allow him to sleep with us but he just melts us. : )
The first two pics are of a vacation that we went on down to South Missouri earlier this year. He and Ruby were in the back seat and they loved the vacation! He was 5 months old in that picture. We took a few more pics this morning that are attached. We have so many more pics, even of his birthday, and will try to be better at locating them and sending them to you.
We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year as well!!

February 4, 2010

Hi Deb,
Baxter is becoming familiar with his surroundings and finding his way around. He knows where his food and water bowls are. He prefers to potty in the front yard where there's grass vs. the back yard which is woodsy with more leaves and less grass. I'm trying to get him to get used to the back yard because I don't like being out front in my PJ's in the a.m. but while it's cold . . . we'll use the front yard to satisfy him. : )
You mentioned tips on getting him to sleep on his own and we are open to any tips you may have! We've tried putting him in a nice, new, very large storage container with his new bed, blanket and soft animal toy but he hated that. Last night I down sized to a cat size kennel with just his towel and a toy and he hated that as well. We've tried to get him sound asleep and sneak him into the kennel but he wakes up. I'd let him run around the bedroom but he likes to chew on wires and I'd never sleep worrying about him chewing on them. Besides, left unattended I think he'd potty in spots that I'd never know about. He ended up sleeping with us last night and was a total angel. He only got up once to potty and went back to sleep. We don't want to make it a permanent arrangement though so any suggestions are welcome!
We have more family coming over to meet him tonight. Everyone loves him. You're right . . . he does have soulful eyes and a huge heart. Ruby is becoming more used to the idea and although she isn't following him around or playing yet, she seems to have adjusted to the fact that he's staying and she seems to be OK with that.

February 3, 2010

Hi Deb,
This little guy is half human! He won't let us out of his sight and he even slept with us last night. He had to have his nose touching one of us all night--if I shifted just a little, so did he. It was sort of a long night for us but he did fine. He whimpers if he wants something. We haven't had such a verbal puppy before. This morning he had his breakfast. He's doing pretty good going outside to potty. He is such a joy!
Ruby stays back much of the time and just watches him. We make sure she's getting her one-on-one time with us as well. She's gentle with him but I wish she'd want to "mommy" him a little more. She is 10 years old and has never been around another puppy so, it's just going to take some time.
We have a few pics from last night . . . Jim is going to upload them today. I have to go . . . he's tired of chewing on his teething ring and wants to play.

February 2, 2010

Hi Deb,
Sorry to have caught you on your cell phone as you were driving. I just had to call to tell how well Baxter has adjusted to his new family. He is a little lover! He loves to be in our laps or arms and he follows Ruby everywhere. Ruby has been sweet but very stand-offish. She has shown interest in him and wags her tail and I can see that she wants to "mommy" him but I think she's still wondering what he's doing here and where Rocko is. We're doing everything with them together and I know she'll be more playful, which is what he's looking for out of her.
He ate a good dinner and is finding his way around the house. He has pottied outside 3 times but hasn't used his OUT potty pad yet. He likes the toys we bought but he's more interested in exploring. When he roams into another room he looks around to make sure we're there. He doesn't like to be too far from us, which just makes us melt! What can we say that you don't already know . . . he's adorable!
Thank you for the bag of information, medicine and toys! I'll have Jim upload some pics tonight or tomorrow--I'm terrible at that sort of stuff. I'm better at taking the pictures and I'll be taking plenty!
I hope you had a nice trip up to KC and back home. Thank you again for everything!
Michelle & Jim
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