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Update sent December 19, 2007

Hi Deb!
We need your address - want to send you a Christmas card! =0) How is everything? The pups are so cute - I keep checking your site for new pictures!
Hope all is well....

Update sent November 20, 2007

Hi Deb!
Thank you… we are so proud of them!
We were blessed with 3 boys and 2 girls. The black & tan is a little boy. He is definitely the most vocal of the group so far! The larger one is also a boy… however, they all seem to be filling out nicely already!
I had meant to email you right away about your tips… I had printed the email and took it home to Bret and we got started right away! Thank you so much – you have no idea how helpful they were! You’ll see in the next pics that we did get a “whelping box” from home depot… the one you had mentioned. It is so great – we were going to get a kiddie pool or something, before we got your email, but this works so much better. Bret is quite the craftsman and wanted to do something for his little girl, so he went and purchased some (inexpensive) wood and played carpenter. He built a great enclosure for Pheebs. We have it in the office with plastic securely fastened to the floor (to avoid the messies!) The enclosure actually is open-ended and we put it against a sliding closet door. It worked out too perfectly. Pheebs can go in through the closet, and if she needs to stay in there, she has the whelping box and enclosure and we slide the closet door shut. We also put a baby gate up at the office door that swings open so that she can have the room of the office without Jack disturbing them. He is doing really well though. When we are home we leave it all open and he does not go near that sliding closet door – only she uses it. If he wants to check in, he uses his little cushioned stairs that we placed so that he could see whats going on. Pheebs loves it when he peeks over. (Check out the pictures and you can see the concern on his face! I LOVE these pictures of him!)
I am so grateful to you for starting us out with what would become a wonderful little family! We are having way too much fun with the group already. I am going to wait a few days and then make sure they are all registered with AKC, then I found some cute (very inexpensive) blue or pink fuzzy baby blankets that I will get for them to go to their new homes… but that’s still a ways away! Although, we can’t imagine not keeping one!!!
Well, I will definitely keep you updated with pictures and news! I want to put a website together for them, so that should help keep everyone in the loop. I’ve already started working on it.
Still praying for your new little additions! Lots of Love sent your way!

Update sent November 19, 2007

Hi Deb!
Banana Jack has got some GOOD genes!!!! How beautiful is his new family????
Can you tell I’m excited… I had Bret rush to get some pics done! (We didn’t have a digital camera ready.)
Here are just a few pics of our little ones. All five are all pretty much the exact same size, except for one roly-poly little guy.
I’ll email you more pics from home… I have some great ones of the new daddy taking care of his lady!!!
Still praying for things at your end!
Love, Lena

Update sent November 17, 2007

This is so neat... Phoebe is supposed to have them tonight, tomorrow by the latest! How crazy if everyone goes at once!!!
We just took her to the dr to make sure things were okay. They did an xray and found SIX babies!!! Heartbeats sounded healthy too. B-Jack is such a good boy- he is so nurturing to pheebs... And she seems to do better with him near her. I'm sure that will change when she goes into labor! I can't imagine having to watch over two deliveries! You will have quite a time I'm sure!
We will be praying for yours and you pray for ours!
Honeymoon was amazing! I did miss my babaies though. Tell you more later. Lots of love!

Update sent October 26, 2007

Hi Deb,
Well… it’s official. The Dr. said she heard at least five heartbeats!
Don’t worry, my mum will be living at the house while we are on our honeymoon, so she won’t be alone… mum babies her more than I do! And the doctor said Phoebe will be due around the 13th…. We fly in on the red-eye on the 12th, so it is going to be close. She also explained about checking the temperature, etc. to determine when Pheebs will be ready.
I think I’m still in shock! Bret is grinning from ear to ear – I don’t think he understands how much work is involved. Years ago, my Rottweilers had 10 puppies and the momma was too young and couldn’t produce enough milk. Needless to say, I was up every few hours like clock work to bottle feed, mix formula, etc.
I just can’t believe this is happening now… I mean, of all the timing! When we were leaving the vet, I pointed at Banana Jack and said “YOU are GROUNDED!” All the nurses were giggling. Poor B-Jack! He is SUCH an attention-hound… we’re gonna have to show him extra love or he will have a fit!
Well, we are very blessed. I appreciate you offering advice, I imagine I will be calling/emailing you a lot over the next few months!
love, the now LARGER family!

Update sent October 23, 2007

Hi Deb!
Things are well… the fires (praise the Lord) are not too close to be of danger, just several days of heavy smoke in the air.
Thank you for your prayers… we can always always use them.
We are doing well… the wedding is so close now – November 03rd!!! We will be going to Cost Rica for a week (gift from Bret’s uncle!) and I am trying to decide how I am going to make it for ten days without my babies!!! Don’t tell Bret that! ha
Well, I had some news for you… but I was waiting until we knew for sure. Judging by Phoebe’s sudden growth, we believe Banana Jack is going to be a daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t really explain how I feel. She had gone through her first heat fine… he didn’t even go near her. I didn’t realize she was in her 2nd heat… until I got out of the shower one morning and found them stuck together. Wow – that was a rough morning…. I panicked – doing the math in my head, I knew she would be due some time around the wedding…. it was strange though, it was like she grew overnight!
Jack is so great with her. She tries to get comfy and when she finally does, he goes and puts his head on her back and lays with her… cutest thing ever.
I feel so blessed to have little B-Jacks… but also over-emotional about it! so no worries there, and that we should consider ourselves lucky, because he and Pheebs are two of the best looking dachshunds he’s seen. We’ll be taking Phoebe in this week to get it checked out. I planned on emailing you afterwards, but, I figured I must have gotten your email first for a reason! You better believe if this is all true, I am going to be calling on you A LOT – I hope you won’t mind!
So, as I said, we could always use the prayers… I promise to email you as soon as we know. I also have some great (new) pictures to scan in and send you. I’ll try to get that done soon as well.
Take care,

Update sent September 28, 2007

DIBS! They look "chocolaty" to me! =0)
Hi Deb!
I am sorry I have not communicated to you recently... things have been a little hectic with planning the wedding and all! You can check out our site...
But enough about that - you are a grandma again!!! Just wanted to say congratulations!
.... and keep us in mind - I'm still thinking of a new "baby" as a wedding gift!
Lots of Love,

Update sent June 02, 2007

Hi Deb!
What had happened with Dugie? I did not get an initial email on him. Glad to hear things you found him a home!
Just wanted to give you a heads up. You know I gave Banana Jack a little sister. (Pheebs) Well, now he will officially have a daddy! Bret and I are engaged!!! Banana Jack is very happy! =)
Here's an updated pic of the little man himself... and a pic of the family.
Lots of love sent your way...

Update sent January 8, 2007

Hey Deb
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family!
I mailed you a Christmas card then it got returned I messed up on the address. Sorry.
Well, nearly just as good – here is the picture we used on our card! Bret is holding Banana Jack and I have Phoebe. It was pretty cold out there – we took these pictures at our beautiful Woodward Park here in Fresno. It was very foggy out, as you can see in the background.
Im also sending you one more picture because I thought the leaves were a really nice touch! Im holding Mr. Banana Jack and Bret has Lil Miss Phoebe.
Banana Jack was more interested in the ducks and the leaves, but we managed to get a few good photos of him looking at the camera man! How adorable is my little family?
The kids received a new bed Ill send a picture soon… and lots of toys and treats. The treats should last them until their birthdays – Banana Jack in February, Phoebe in June.
He is doing really well still such a happy little guy, and so smart and well-behaved! I'll email you soon with more pictures and info!
Hope you are doing well!

Update sent November 30, 2006

This is so ironic... I was just thinking last night that I needed to send you some pics! Banana Jack has grown so much - and he is still the most handsome guy around!
Well, in other news, we recently got a girlfriend for Mr. Jack!!! Her name is Little Ms. Phoebe, and she has the same coloring as Jack. "Pheebs" is a full bred mini, as well. They play together so well... I know he is much happier now when his mommy is at work. My boyfriend says I'm not allowed to play favorites... but Banana Jack was my first!!! ;) I will send you pictures of the two of them. However, I will also send you pics of Jack by himself for you to add to your site. Everyone will be impressed - I still receive compliments on his appearance and how he is EXACTLY what the breed should look like!
I saw your new babies... CUTE! They are the same markings that my friend wanted in her doxie, I will contact her and see if she is still looking. It would be neat for Banana Jack to have a cousin(?) around! ha ha
Take care, I will try and write more, get pics for this week!

Update sent April 24, 2006

Hi Deb!
Just wanted to give you another update.... I attached a pic this time - you can see how handsome our little guy is! Sorry its not very clear - camera phone. Its such a great pic though... he snuck up the stairs at my brother's house, then couldn't get down!
He has an appt on Thursday (27th) to receive his 2nd shots. We'll be going to Petsmart afterwards to buy him lots of toys....after I see those needles. =(
I'm still not quite sure what color I'll be putting for AKC... he is still lighter than a red, but seems to be getting darker as he is getting older... he has gotten so big already - but the dr says he is in perfect proportion! He's currently @ 5.3lbs.
I hope all is well on your side of the fence... Keep me posted on those puppies! She really wants a female black n tan! =)

Update sent April 17, 2006

hi deb!
sorry i didnt get back to you over the weekend... was a little hectic!
everyone at the vet fell in love with jack of course!
here's what i found out in his appt....
he was very thorough in his exam, and said that it was obvious that jack was very well-cared for! he said size, wt (4.74lbs!) was perfect for his age/breed. coat was beautiful - and he is a very attractive dachshund! =)... i even had a woman (patient) said that he was the best looking dachshund she had ever seen! i have had several compliments like hers on him since he's been here!
i still need to sign your book, and get you pictures - he has already gotten so big, in all of our opinions! i promise to do that soon!
lena =)

Update sent April 14, 2006

Hi Deb!
Just an update!
Before I forget, can you tell me his birthday? I received a letter from the post office that I have to pick up a certified letter... assuming its his papers, and his birthday is probably on there, huh? ha ha - I'm a quick one!
Otherwise, Jack is doing great! He is mostly paper trained, but still likes to be difficult and pee in the bedroom. He has the best personality - honory little guy. He refuses to eat out of his bowl, unless he sticks his paw in and tips the food over first. He only likes to eat out of my hand or off the floor! EVERYONE loves him. I even brought him to my office when I had to work late... he had a blast - my boss threatened to keep him, and asks me every morning how he is.
I have lots of great pics to send - just not digital. I'm waiting to sign your guest book until I can attach a picture... hopefully later today or tomorrow.
I hope you have a WONDERFUL Easter! Maybe we can talk some time this weekend?
Thanks again, Deb....
You're the best =)

Update sent April 10, 2006

Hi Deb!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry I didn't get to you this weekend - puppytime!
Well, with the help of my little nieces, we have given Buddy his new name:
Banana Jack!
I know, I know... my nieces are young. However, everyone seems to love the name. Fits his original personality! =) We call him Jack for short.
He is doing wonderful - using puppy pads... well adjusted to his new home. He is def. a lap dog - always wants me to sit on the floor with him so he can climb on me..... SO playful! Jack is already very spoiled, I think he's loving life. He's already claimed every fuzzy blanket I own and made them his nap blankies! I have pictures from the airport, and his first day in his new home. I took them with a disposable camera, but they have already been developed. I will be transferring them over so I can email them to you.
I can't thank you enough, Deb. Please feel free to call or write at ANY time you want an update, and I will do my best to keep in touch as often as possible.
p.s.... I will be visiting/signing your guestbook this week!