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Update sent December 30, 2010

Update sent December 18, 2009

Baloo at 5! A little chubby, but we love him!!!
This was the only photo I got of the dogs in costume, they wriggled out of them right after I snapped this!

Update sent May 30, 2007

Hi, Deb.
Dugie looks adorable. I've forwarded your email to several friends, one of whom is our next-door neighbor who owns a dog just like Dugie. Figured they may have had folks admire their dog, who might be interested. Will let you know if I hear of anyone.
As for Baloo, he's doing fine! Was the victim last month, along with our other dog, of the neighbor's rambunctious golden. Had to take both dogs to the emergency vet hospital, as they were hurt, and bleeding. It all happened so fast, and was scary. After tests, pain meds, and lots of pampering, they were both running around fine after about 36 hours.
Otherwise, Baloo is just loving life, and is still so affectionate! Still very much a mama's boy!
Wish we could take Dugie, but I know my husband would refuse.

Update sent November 11, 2005

This first photo is from November 2004, with Boo sitting on the floor by my seat in the car. He cries in the car unless he's right up with me! Then he's fine!
Taken just last week (Nov 2005)...Boo with his hedgehog (I bought both dogs their own--they love them!)

Update sent October 8, 2005

I wish I had gotten this email before Saturday.....I saw a grandma at one of Mollyann's soccer games who was fawning over both dogs, saying she was trying to find one for her granddaughter....I may be able to figure out who she was and how to contact her, but she was there with another team, not ours. I'll try....I will follow up with photos and more of a letter, but am rushing now....have to find someone to bake a very special cake for a team party on Saturday!
Deb, It occured to me that I know the brother of the coach of the team that grandmother was with, and I have forwarded your email on to him, asking that he share it with his team. Hopefully it will reach the woman who wants a dachshund.
I'd love to have Hoss....we've all fallen in love with his photo, but my husband would never agree to a third dog. He looks precious! Have not uploaded my most recent photos...will do so tomorrow!

Update sent April 6, 2005

Deb.....They are precious! I KNOW I can't talk my husband into a third puppy, but wish I could! Will send photos soon. These little guys did a number on me today. My son had a half day and it was absolutely gorgeous here. A friend and I planned to meet at school to pick the boys up and take them on this trail for a nice walk along with the dogs. Well, since it was hot, I had the AC on in the car, and left the car running with the AC on while I ran into school to sign my son out. Came back to the car just minutes later, to find that the dogs had leaned on the lock button, so had locked me out of the car, with it running! We tried and tried to get them up to the button to lean on it again and unlock, but they kept leaning only on the "L" part of the button, never the "U". They got into a sleeve of Ritz crackers that I had for the boys and ate ALL of them, and were feeling real fat and happy on the floor of the car, while we were banging on the windows like dopes!
My friend drove me home, where I had left a door unlocked for my daughter, and we did not find another set of keys. Had to go back to the school and call AAA, who showed up about 1 hour later, and opened the car up! Two very thirsty pups after all those Ritz crackers! I was so glad I had filled the gas tank last night, or it never would have run the whole time until we got into it and it was too hot to even think about what that would have been like for the little guys.
I keep a single spare key in my wallet, but that was of course in the car, as well. "That'll learn me!" Yikes!

Update sent December 6, 2004

Baloo was neutered on Friday, Dec. 3rd, and seems no worse for the wear! A little whining yesterday am, but gave him his pain pill, and he was fine. Will send out a copy of the certificate tomorrow. He is now 11 pounds!!!! (Bagheera is only 8 lbs, and still just definitely does not look like a true dachshund, but we do love him!...just wish he did look more like the true breed....oh, well.....)

Update sent August 5, 2004

Update sent July 4, 2004

Update sent June 30, 2004

Hi Deb, Hope you are well. Just a little updat on Baloo.....he is doing wonderfully, and is true to the nature of our last dachsie... does not know he's a small dog at all! The last 3 weekends he has been playing with a very gentle big black lab, and yesterday he met two large dogs who were walking on leashes at the park we wer at. They were pulling at their leashes to get closer to him and Baloo let out a very small growl which made them both back off! I can't seem to find my digital camera, which I can't say out loud or my husband would be upset, but, I'm hoping it turns up soon. I know I had it at the lacrosse tournament we were at twoo weeks ago, and haven't found it since...hopefully it's in a backpack we haven't checked yet. Anyhow, I hope to send photos real soon. Baloo is completely housetrained....so good about it. He spent his first night last night not in my room, but in my 11 year old daughter's room, and slept through until down the hall in my room at 6:45 a.m. my alarm went off! We are just loving him so much, he's travelling to the grocery store and other places in a old quilted purse of min, which it's so funny to watch him try and clim into if someone has left it on the floor. He's giving me the message now that he wants to play, not just lay by my chair anymore, so I'm off!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day Mara, June 30,2004

Update sent June 18, 2004

Just retruned from a long weekend at my mom's beach house, where Baloo met 7 of his "cousins", my sisters' children. They all have fallen in love with him! He's now weighing just over 4 pounds, or was as of last week. Have to get him on the scale again. Thanks for the birth weight info...my kids will love that statistic! Mara on Friday, Jun 18 2004.

Update sent June 14, 2004

I hope I didn't alarm you with telling you about Boo's weekend.....what I didn't add was that he did get plenty of sleep too! He was often alseep in y purse, or on his little towel, and handled the car ride so well, sleeping contentedly in his kennel. He is now in my purse aslep on my lap after playing for a bit with 4 six year old boys and the new puppy next door! So far he has been spoiled at night time....the first night in the hotel, Friday, we smuggle him in, not know that pets were allowed, and when he started to whimper in his kennl, I was afraid someone would hear, so I brought him into bed with me, intending to let him fall asleep while I watched the news, and then put him back in his kennel. That was at 11:00, and next thing I knew we heard the garbage trucks outside, which was at 7:00am...we had both slept through the night!!!! Same thing happend Sat and Sun nights....I should know by now that I never make it through the news on tv, and little one slept next to me in bed until 7:00 again both nights!!!! I know I shouldn't have started this, but, it kind of just happened at the hotel, and we learned the next morning that pets were indeed allowed, as we saw several dogs being brought out of their rooms in the a.m. I am going to try tonight to put him to sleep in the kennel, in my room....we'll see if it works! Mara June 14, 2004

Update sent June 13, 2004

What a fun few days little Boo has had!!! He met the swim team at the pool on Thursday, and responded happily, charming everyone, and then on Friday we took off for Ocean City, MD for a lacrosse touirnement and he met and charmed many lacrosse players and parents.....he was quite the hit, and seemed so very content? He took a long nap on the beach yesterday in this little basket that we have for him, and even accompanied us to church at the beach this morning! True to the charactor of the other dachshuds we have known, he does not know that he is a little dog and played at this orning's game with 2 different gentle, but LARGE, labs who belong to teammates of my daughter, and he had many admirers, taking pictures of him in his "Iwant to play" pounce! Hopefully someone will give me a copy of one of those photos? Baloo was then well ready for his nap< and I have a small quilted purse, barrel-shaped, that he fits in perfectly, that he was carried around in this weekend when he was tired. He seems to love it, and when we put the purse on the floor, he has even tried to climb in by himself! We carried him into church in the purse, and he slept all through mass. We couldn't help but, thibnk about what a difference a week made, as last Sunday we all cried through Mass, and this week we had an angel with us! WE smuggle him into an ice cream parlor and pankcake house in the same purse, and he slept in it at the table. We just came home a little while ago, and Boo met the new puppy next door, a Goldent Retreiver, who joined her family just today. We couldn't be happier, and are so grateful to have connected with you and this little guy!!!! Thanks so much, Deb..... Love Mara On Sunday June 13, 2004

Update sent June 10, 2004

Boo's asleep now in a little picnic type basket....absolutely adorable! If you could have seen Mollyann last night when we picked him up....she was literally weeping with joy, and said "Oh, Mom, he's the answer to our prayers, he's just like Augie, he's so perfect! Thank you so much!" It truly was priceless!
I hope you all can open this photo!!! Our puppy arrived last night, and we are over the moon!!!! He is so precious, he has answered our prayers and we are sure will be as sweet as Augie....Mara