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Axel's Baby Picture Gallery

May 10, 2011

One of my favorites. He's learned how to take walks- does not like the leash. Jim

May 10, 2011

May 22nd is the big day around here.....!!!!!!! 1 year old.
What a difference in Axe even from 6 weeks ago- he's bigger......12 lb's plus and he's turned into a mature sweet and happy little man. We were very careful about training him and setting up limits without robbing him of his playfulness and spirit.
That was very important. It feels like we are starting to see the real dachshund personality come out of an energetic (!!!!) strong willed puppy.
Wow. I think we have a great dog.
Thanks Deb- we'd love to see birthday photos of the sisters. I remember the puppy video you posted of Axel wrestling with one of the girls. Jim

April 24, 2011

March 5, 2011

Hi Deb, Some photos of Axel charming his way thru car dealership yesterday. Jim

February 25, 2011

February 13, 2011

Alice shoveled snow off the deck and Axel was helping.

February 2, 2011

We got 12" of snow...our street hasn't been plowed today so we're pretty much shut in until the city gets to us. Alice and I shoveled the walk and driveway...Axel helped for a little while.
It was 6 degrees out when I took this pic- my hands were so cold that I wasn't sure if I was getting any shots....I couldn't feel the shutter button on the camera.
But the natural light is just beautiful.
All of us have cabin-fever.
Ready for Spring

January 29, 2011

Hi Deb,
Remember the baby blanket you sent home w. Axel....still have it.
We got him a Day Bed from Costco....I thought he'd tear it up in a couple hours.
Uh-Uh. The thing's indestructable....Axel has chewed on it, tried to shred it with his claws and finally started to use it.
It raised him up from the floor which gets cold in the winter. Just the right size. He loves it.
Hope you're doing well. The website looks incredible.

January 20, 2011

Hi Deb,
Best to you and Roger and all your dachshunds. Amazing to go thru the puppy pages and see that your dachshunds have gone to so many homes around the country.
A couple pics of Axel over the holidays. I've discovered a new setting on my camera and I'm getting slightly better pictures. Unfortunately the ones included here are running on the old set-up.
Axel's now in the 7-9 month phase that the dog books talk about-
upward learning curve - check
more independent - check
body filling out - double check. 10lbs.
We feed him mostly vegetables and fruit. Loves raw cucumbers and carrots. Apples, pears. Amazing that he really loves his veggies. I'd never have guessed. He's never had ham or beef. Loves chicken and fish. He gets liver and cheese for treats.

December 11, 2010

Sleeping in, helping wash the venetian blinds......lots to do. We set up the Christmas tree and Axel seemed to feel left out.
Enjoy the holidays.

October 15, 2010

You're right Deb...we knew that we should hang on to his baby blanket. At first for security in a new place- now, it's like a part of him. The blanket has held up well after numerous washings. I'll probably keep it for him until it falls apart.
We've been busy doing some last minute tulip planting. I re-seeded the backyard...turned the soil over, put a new layer of soil down and seeded it with a hardier variety of grass. Looks good now 4 weeks after planting.
Axel is growing like a weed. He is due to go in to the vet at the beginning of November to get neutered. Frankly it can't come soon enough- he gets these hormone surges- times when he is just a crazy little over-sexed puppy.
Incl here is a photo from today....his George Clooney profile and a shot that shows how big he's gotten...you can see that he looks a little awkward- everything is growing at a different rate.
Until Next Time,

October 11, 2010

Eating Dirt, Helping Plant tulip bulbs, relaxing in the sun.
Axel @ 17 weeks.

September 21, 2010

Axel & Woofie Woofersteiner
Some new photos of Axel and his favorite toy. Also, he's learned how to bark. Enjoy.

August 22, 2010

Have you thought about it? I love your website but a Facebook page could be very interactive with different owners exchanging photos, info - and it's free advertising for you.
Axel....wooo boy, he is a handsome fellow. He's growing into very classic dachshund features.
I've cruised thru the website looking at other beautiful dackels you've bred over the years and my little guy (in my unbiased opinion) is one of the best. I would imagine that over the years of breeding dogs you've been able to selectively strengthen the litters....making a better healthier dachshund.

August 29, 2010

Hi Deb,
Your FB page looks great! I made sure I became a friend and commented. I took some new photos of Axel this morning helping Alice in the backyard.

August 15, 2010

A bunch of new photos.
Axel has learned how to walk with a leash. He "got it" right away. I want him to be a good walker....it'll keep him healthy and develop his sense of his surroundings. We're beginning him on walking around the block twice a day- I know he can handle more but the sidewalk heat is brutal.

August 5, 2010

Looking forward to seeing Axel's update. I hear you about making time ...getting a puppy has had both of us re-arranging our schedules. We'll be going back to our regular routines next week- that'll mean some minor adjustments for the little guy.
August 4, 2010
Hi Deb,
Axel's AKC form Arrived today. He will be registered as Axel Timotius from Brinsfield and Thorson. Each passing day finds him settling into his new life with us. He'll visit his Dr. next week to get acquainted with one another. Thanks Again for a wonderful healthy Dachshund puppy.
August 2, 2010
Thanks Deb,
Axel's adjusting well- We are absolutely smitten with him.
July 31, 2010
We've fallen in love with the little guy. He's sound asleep on the couch with his blanket. Thank you so much.
I'll get back to you again with more details.


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