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September 24, 2007

Deb, Thanks for the update, I was wondering why I was having trouble getting on your site. I like to check out your lastest litters, etc.
Ani is doing great, I don't think she knows she's a dog.. We won't tell her. She has grown into a very pretty young lady. She hasn't come in to her first 'season' yet, but I would imagine it will be farily soo. I keep my eyes open for a nice male for her maybe next year if I'm so inclined to breed her. I will try and take some pic's of her for you.
I've been busy with my new babies too.. 2 mini donkey babies. They are soooo cute, like little stuffed toys. They're only about 18" at the most when they're born. I'll send you a couple of pic's of them. One of the mommies got ahold of Ani when she went there with me, didn't hurt her, but Ani's good about not going in the pen anymore.
Hope all is well with you and all the critters. Looking forward to seeeing the new puppies pictures on your website.

Update June 9, 2007

Just to let you know Ani's Official AKC name is Lady Anistasia Von Wilder. We liked the name Ani enough to keep it in her name.
All is well with her, and she's growing like a weed.

Update June 6, 2007

Just to let you know I recieved Ani's paperwork and all looks great. Thanks for the great record keeping. She is doing great and adjusting well.. I should call her Shadow, as she is my little shadow, but that's my shelties name. And what a perky, fiesty little thing she is, and so pretty. She seems to be really, really happy.. and soooo brave.. cause my little donkeys are afraid of the little wiggly wienie dog. (I don't let her down on the ground near the big animals, since she'd get stepped on, but when I hold her up to them, they all have to check her out, until she touches their noses and they really back off.) I'll try and get a pic of her with the donkeys and send to you.
Thanks again, Jan

Update June 1, 2007

Deb, So glad to hear Dugie got a new home, he looked like such a sweetie. Here are a couple of pic's of Ani that I promised you. One is of her 'helping' give Star, Glen's dog a bath. She's always trying to 'help us' do everything.

Update May 24, 2007

Deb, Ani is doing fine, Glen thinks we now have a new 'arm ornament', she does like to be held and of course we are holding her alot. For the most part she's using her potty pad, a couple of boo boo's but nothing we can't deal with.
She made the flight fine, by the time we got home and she had a little nap, she was all perky and playful. And yes, she fetches very good. She loved fetching her new toy whenever we'd throw it. I haven't taken any pic's of her yet, but I will this week-end for sure. She went out with me this morning to feed the birds and was right there beside me the whole time.
As far as nite time, she slept in our bed... I know, it'll be a habit now.. but she slept the whole nite and didn't hardly stir. My other doxies did the same thing. The sheltie sleeps at the foot of the bed in his own bed, and only when he woke up to go outside, did she wake up.
I think we are going to keep her name the same, although for some reason Glen calls her Daphne occasionally. We are very happy with her, and she is so pretty, a really nice doxie. We went out to dinner last nite and my vet was there, we discussed her and he feels she's doing fine and he didn't need to see her right away. But he would like to give her a new vaccine that's out.. both my other dogs got it.. a rattlesnake vaccine. Just in case they're bit, it makes it not so severe. I've had 3 dogs bitten at my other house, all survived and no problems. We haven't seen any snakes at this place, but you just never know. And I won't be letting her out for awhile without me being with her anyway.
I'll keep in touch and will send some pic's soon.


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