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October 5, 2011

Fletcher, the model, in his over the shoulder innocent pose! LOL

June 20, 2011

Sometimes pals, make the best pillows!

April 13, 2011

April 9, 2011

February 18, 2011

February 5, 2011

January 8, 2011

I tried to send you a couple of pictures at Christmas time but my computer went down and a lot of things I thought I sent really didn't. Hope you had a great Christmas!
My furry children are all doing well. Fletcher has taken a step backwards in his potty training since it turned cold but I can't blame him for not wanting to go outside. We now have to put our coat on and go stand in the yard with him or he won't go out. Gonna be a long winter!! He and Addy are the best of friends and we even find them curled up together in Fletchers kennel. Diamond still likes to show them who is in charge and won't let either of them up on the bed at night. The two of them stand at the bottom of their little steps and bark and howl in protest. It is quite an ordeal every night and takes a few minutes to get settled. Not sure what all the commotion is about, but Addy and Fletcher haven't backed down yet! Ha Ha
Hope you have a great new year! I see you have some new babies! So cute! A friend of mine just rescued a very sweet 12 year old female dachshund from the shelter named Rosie. She really got a wonderful dog. I don't know how Rosie ended up there but the family that lost her, lost a real keeper!
Stay in touch!

December 20, 2010

"Fine....if you are gonna take the big bed, then I am going to cram my bed into yours so you are squished!!"

December 18, 2010

December 4, 2010

2010 Christmas Pic.

November 7, 2010

Mom said she had something important to tell me and it might be upsetting, that I should sit down. She told me my favorite girl, other than mom, is getting MARRIED!! But I thought I was your favorite boy, Amanda?!?!?!

October 30, 2010

Ready for Halloweenie. Fletcher didn't even mind the head gear, lol.

October 10, 2010

Naptime, what a wonderful thing!

October 5, 2010

Look who is wondering if I will share a potato chip

September 18, 2010

"This is usually where Addy plays. She likes to chase all the butterflies out of the bush. I'd never seen Fletcher in there with her before today!"

August 29, 2010

Here is a picture of Fletcher and Addy for your page!!! Hard to find a picture of the two of them together where they are both looking at the camera!!
Addy and Fletcher Facebook Video Link
Tried to take pics of new Halloween wear but they wouldn't sit still for pic!!! So a little video of my lil pumpkin and my lil devil!!!
This is what happens when I go to PetCo for bottle of shampoo. Need to stay out of that place. Dogs get new outfits everytime I walk in that store!!

April 18, 2010

From Addi, Fletcher, Diamond and Family April 10, 2009

Addi and Fletcher Helping in the Yard.

Addy and Fletcher's Update Page

From Addy, Fletcher, Diamond and Family December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas from Jason, Wendy and Chase and of course from Diamond, Addy and Fletcher!!!

November 26, 2008 from Addi and Fletcher

Just a pic of Addy and Fletcher enjoying a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon in my flower bed! Everything is going great. Fletcher seems to have gotten the potty thing figured out. He will go flying by and out the doggy door he goes!
We are getting ready to go visit Grandma in North Dakota tomorrow so we are all gonna snuggle in for a long days drive. He loves to ride! Addy has to have her place at the window though!
Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

October 28, 2007 from Addi and Fletcher(formally tate)

I think Addy officially accepted Fletcher (formerly Tate) today when she allowed him to climb in bed with her to snuggle up. They had just spent the afternoon running around in the yard and were pretty exhausted. He is getting along wonderfully. Everyone we meet on the street wants to see him. He is quite popular.
Thanks again!! Wendy

October 22, 2007 from Addi and Tate

I think things are going very well around here. Addy didn't care much for the new family member until last night. I had to be very careful to be sure everything stayed the same for her. Her spot on the sofa, her place on the bed etc. But last night they ran and played and wrestled until exhausted . I had to go buy another bed today cause Tate has really taken a liking to Addy's bed. Addy seems pretty happy with the new one. Tate insists on being the center of attention that is for sure. If Diamond and Addy don't want to play he follows me around and whines until I pick him up. He loves to snuggle up. We are still trying to decide if he will remain Tate. Been thinking he may become Jackson or Fletcher. He will always be a little "Tater" though!!!
Talk to you soon!

October 2, 2007 from Addi

Hey, sorry it has been so long. Been preparing for my son's graduation, my husbands homecoming from Afghanistan, and my brothers wedding all at once. Haven't been taking too many pictures lately. But sure I will be in the next couple of months!
Addy is doing well. Her latest passion is bunnies. We have a family living under our shed and she rounds em all up and back under the shed every time she goes outside. But she is just having fun being a dog. Soon the days will be warmer and she will have more time for sunning in her favorite chair. She is a summer girl where my lab prefers the winter months.
I have been keeping up with your litters but haven't convinced my husband yet that it is time for another doxie. Hopefully I can talk him into it soon.
Well take care! I'll send more pics soon!

October 2, 2007 from Addi

Just a quick hello to touch base and say congrats on the new babies. We have had a busy summer. Sending a couple pics of Addy from when we went to the local "weiner dog races" We didn't race. Just watched and had lots of fun meeting all the local dachshunds. Dugie was here visiting over the weekend and he and Addy had great fun. Wish we lived closer so they could play together more often but they act as if they just saw each other yesterday when they do get together. Well talk to you again soon. Take care!

Sent June 4, 2007 Dugie is visiting with Wendy and Family until she goes to her new home at Wendy's mom's in ND.

I'm sure you are wondering how Dugie is. I just wrote my mom so thought I'd send you a quick note too.
He has settled in very well. Much faster than Addy did. He seems to be more easy going than Addy. But demanding when he wants some cuddle time.
He slept all night last night after a rough first night. The first night I wasn't sure where he would be more comfortable sleeping so it was a few hours before I gave in and put him with me. Addy was a little put out that he got her spot. So last night I made sure she got her spot next to me and Dugie slept next to Addy and everyone was comfortable all night.
As much fun as Addy and Dugie have together, I got feelings from Addy today that she isn't too happy with the new baby taking her mom. She sits in front of me with this look on her face that looks so accusatory. Pretty cute actually. Been trying to convince her it is just temporary but I don't think she is buying it. So I've been trying to get Dugie to sit mostly with Chase so Addy can sit with me like she usually does.
Diamond has just accepted the fact that little dogs are taking over the house. She prances around like a lionness and barks when one of the other two are doing something they shouldn't be. Dugie backs out of the way when Diamond walks through a room. Almost like he is bowing to her. I think he is still mesmerized by her size. He doesn't seem to be scared of her just very wary.
Dugie is now sitting in the middle of the room watching the curtains blow in the breeze. He doesn't get into mischief like Addy did at that age. I had to watch her every second. Dugie is just happy to be sitting close to me in whatever room I am in. Which will be a good fit for my mom. I think she will enjoy the company around the house.
Well better go Will keep you posted Tell your husband he is doing great!

Sent June 2, 2007 Dugie's first evening with Addy.

Dugie and Addy wrestled and chased each other all afternoon. Dugie didn't nap until 830p, and then there was no waking him up. He was out cold. After sleeping an hour and a half they are at it again. Addy just won't leave him alone. Diamond is hiding out in Chase's room. Too much activity for her, I guess. Everything is going well. I'll keep you posted.

December 27, 2006

I received your email months ago about your site and don't know if I ever got back to you or not. Been having computer trouble ever since. And camera trouble. But finally got things up and running again and got a new camera so had to get some new shots of Addy to you.
We moved into a new house over the summer and things got a little crazy for a while. We had a set back with Addy and her potty training after moving. She had trouble figuring out where she was supposed to bark to go outside. Started barking in front of her kennel door and when let inside would potty in there and come out. But she finally got everything figured out and is now doing great. She loves exploring our new house and yard. And loves that we have a window that is just her height now that we have a sliding patio door. We put her bed at the window and she is either sitting there or on top of the sofa in the living room. She is such a good little girl and whenever someone meets her they are hooked. She has prompted others to say "I want one". We have already started talking of the day we get a second mini. Not sure when that will be but I'm guessing not to long. Keep us posted on your future litters. You never know when I may call saying I'm ready for number two! Thanks again for our Sweet Adeline.

December 21, 2005

Addy is doing great! She is getting anxious for Christmas though and has already opened a gift under the tree! We went to visit Santa at the pet store but she didn't think too much about that. I think Santa will still bring her something good!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

Update sent September 21, 2005

I've been meaning to send you some updated pics for some time now but have been so busy having fun with my girls that I don't spend a whole lot of time on the computer anymore.
We've kept Adeline's name as Adeline but call her Addy. She is quite popular with all the neighborhood kids. She loves her big sis Diamond (lab) and gives her kisses every night when we get home. She still comes to work with me everyday and loves to go. We took her to puppy class and now she is in dog obedience class. She loves going every week and is good friends with a maltese and a beagle. She has been much more difficult to train after experiencing a labrador but she is getting there. She sits and stays but only for a few seconds as her attention span is short and she has much better things to do.
She loves to get into tons of mischief and we still have to watch her every second. When told "No" she usually barks back at us like she is telling us "No". She is very determined to do whatever she wants but that is what we love most about her. We go for our walk everynight and she sits by the door and waits now when it is time to go so there is never any getting out of it. She is determined to go which is good for all of us.
When we first brought her home she became attached to my lab's stuffed gingerbread man and now she takes it everywhere we go. You often see her carrying it around the house and yard and she is usually sleeping with it. (as she is on sofa in pic) When it is time to get in her carrier to go to work she runs to find "gingy" and runs into her carrier. Lucky for her my lab was willing to give it up. We have had to get numerous nylabones though. Cause Addy always wants the one Diamond has and it is a never ending cycle all over the house. Diamond tries to find a corner to hide in to chew her bone and Addy is not far behind barking at her to give it up. Which Diamond usually does and moves on to another bone. They are very entertaining for sure and very vocal. They talk to each other alot and sometimes we have to shush them it gets so noisy.
We have enjoyed every moment we have had with Addy and look forward to many more years. Thank you again for giving us this little bundle of mischief. We'll send you another update soon!

Update sent April 30, 2005

Thought you guys would like an update on the goings on at our house. Everything is going great.
Adeline only cried for about 5 minutes after we left on Wednesday then slept the rest of the way home. Once we arrived home I introduced my lab, Diamond, to her while she was still in her carrier. After the excitement wore off we all went out in the yard to explore. Adeline was a little scared of Diamond's size and her bark. Diamond is very vocal when she plays. Her initial fear of Diamond drew her closer to me and she began coming to me and sitting on my shoe begging to be picked up.
Thursday morning after sleeping all night, which surprised me, she went along with me to work and sat in her carrier and watched all the commotion. Occasionally she would let out a little howl. She got lots of attention during our free time. We went to the park on our lunch and a little girl cuddled her and followed her around. Adeline was wore out so she slept most of the afternoon. Thursday night I let Diamond and Adeline interact a little more. And found that they play very well. Diamond was so excited to have someone to play rope with and Adeline tried so hard to catch the rope that Diamond was dragging around the house. Again, she was so pooped out that she slept all night.
Today my son was off from school and spent the day with the girls and was very impressed with how well Adeline is paper trained. We have only had a few accidents but I am certain they are only due to confusion of a new house and not knowing where to go yet. She is doing very well.
As I write this Adeline is sleeping in my lap and Diamond at my feet. They really are good for each other and I can tell they are going to be the best of friends. I only have to say to Diamond to go find Adeline and she goes running to her and gets her to follow her to me.
I'm hoping to start getting some pictures this weekend. My husband is anxious to see her too. Will send some on to you as soon as I do.
Thank you again for this wonderful addition to our family. She is so loved already.


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