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February 10, 2009 Updates from Abbi and family.

Hey Deb,
Hope everything is going well for you I have some updated pictures of little Abbi. She is getting so big can't believe in May she will be 3 years olds. She still thinks she is the biggest dog around, but our cute little puppy. My husband and our children (2 kids, Abbi, and Sirk our cat) have all moved to Delaware. Abbi loves it up here, a lot more snow up here. She loves going outside just to play in the snow and dig in the snow. She is also really excited about our new house because she can jump into the bath tub, which she does all the time to chase after the water no matter who is in the shower or bath. She really enjoyed Christmas this year she got to spend it at my parents, Kris' parents, my grandmas, and of course Delaware. And she had a blast the entire time. And Abbi has not changed with her chasing light. My computer at the moment has the light reflecting off of it and she is going after my legs to get the light. I love my little girl, and she is getting along so well with our cat Sirk, even though she still finds it fun to chase the cat up onto the condo. Which Abbi has learned how to get onto of now, very interesting during the day. I hope everything is going well for you, and looks from your page all your little babies are doing great. It's so hard to look at your page and not want to go out and adopt many more of yours.
Take care,
Krista, Kris, Ryan, and Kailey Ormsby (also my Mom says hey and thank you)

P.S. If anyone wants to get a beautiful well taken care of Dachshund Deb is the perfect person to buy from. You don't have to ever question if these cute puppies are well taken care of because you can tell. And when you get to take them home, they are so wonderful and excited to play and be a baby.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

March 02, 2008

Abbi has been by my side so much, and she is such a good girl. She loves to play basketball and loves little kids. She even likes swimming in the pool. She has been the biggest doll baby and she is my daughter. She even was able to come and sit in the hospital with me and she had her monkey with her while she was helping take care of me. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Abbi when she was born, she is a healthy little girl who is very active and makes everyone smile no matter what.
Thank you

March 20, 2007

Everytime I look at your page I just want to give Abbi another play mate. Your puppies are so pretty. And I know that you take such good care of every one of your puppies. Abbi is doing so well and yes she is a big part of the family and everyone laughs when I call her my daughter but she is. The redness in her color is coming out much more and she is a very pretty girl. She loves to run around and nap. Which works out so well :) She is still a traveling puppy for a least another year. My fiance and I are planning on getting a house around June of this year and getting married April 4, 2008. Abigail loves to hang out with her daddy and all of her brothers and sisters she has now. hope all is going well with you and you family (that includes all of the little puppies because we all know they are family) Take care

July 6, 2006

Here are a few pictures of Abbi I will be taking more tonight so I will send them to you either later on tonight or tomorrow morning!


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