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We adopted 2, twice as much fun!!!

January 30, 2005
The "girls" are wonderful! They have adapted very quickly and have attached themselves to us like glue. They light up when we walk into the room and we light up every time we look at them. We are working on outside potty training and while it's a little tedious and a struggle at times, they are very cooperative once they get outside. I am so glad I spent as much time looking for a puppy as I did, because it has certainly paid off. I would gladly recommend your puppies to anyone and in fact already have. When you get ready to have another litter, let me know and I will put the word out in St. Joe. I'll be in touch with more news and pictures soon. Oh, by the way, their names are officially......Jedi Rose and Jenny Naboo.
Thanks again!! Cindy

Just got on email for the first time in about a month and saw this message. The girls are great!! We have been to the vet a couple of times and got their shots and started on heart worm pills. They are doing really well with the potty training and although they chew on everything in sight including each other, they are wonderful. Jedi's red has come in all the way and she is really pretty but really feisty too. She weighs 5.6 lbs. Chubby Naboo on the other hand weighs 6.2 and is the lover. She would rather be in a lap than anywhere. Since I don't have a digital camera, if I ever get film developed I will send some pictures.
Thanks for keeping in touch. Cindy

Gretchen's Family Letters

February 2, 2005
Hi Deb! How are you?
The puppy is an absolute joy, just as you said. She is adorable. She seems to be getting used to her new home very quickly. My mother and one of my sisters stopped by on Saturday and thought she was really cute. She fell asleep in my sister's arms for about 45 minutes or so.
Whenever we have Marissa down in the family room, the puppy likes to jump on her, and Marissa just giggles and giggles. We really watch Marissa carefully though because we don't want her to fall on the puppy. I can't wait for the rest of my family to see her.
Poor Tigger doesn't know what to think. He is trying very hard to get used to her, but she always jumps around and squeals to try to get him to play, but he just kind of backs up, meows, and runs away. He was used to Jenny who really wasn't able to get around for the last year and a half to two years of her life. I told John we need to pay lots of attention to Tigger, as always, so he will hopefully feel more comfortable. I don't want him to think we don't want him anymore. We're just going to let Tigger take his time getting used to her.
The puppy sleeps pretty good at night and also seems to sleep a lot during the day. John was saying maybe her schedule is a little off after the flight and everything. I imagine that's all quite tiring for a puppy or any animal. She does like to play, but she really likes to be held.
She's not doing too bad on the potty training. She sometimes uses the potty pad, but usually goes someplace else. We kind of have to keep an eye on her and try to catch her beforehand. John thought he might start bringing her outside to potty train, but we think it might be too cold right now.
We have been tossing around different names. We originally thought Sadie but then kind of changed our minds. John thought it might be nice to give her a German name since that's her nationality. He thought of the name Greta. My mother and sisters thought that was cute and also thought of Heidi. We think Greta might be too strong of a name for such a cute little girl. John likes the name Heidi but not as much. Last night, we thought maybe Gretchen. It's a German form of Margaret (and Meg was the name you had given her for the listing). We think that's a cuter-sounding name, and we even think she looks like a Gretchen. What do you think?
Well, I better get going and feed Marissa. I finished my typing for now, but I know the other doctor will be dictating in a little while.
Keep in touch!

Hi Deb! How are your?
Yes, we have settled on the name of Gretchen. Hohn wanted a German name, since Dachshunds are German, and he thought of the name Greta. That name just seemed too strong of a name for her so we changed it to Gretchen (we thought it was softer-sounding name). She answers to it most of the time.
I will mention to John the booster shots. When John took Tigger to the vet for his annual checkup, etc. a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned to Dr. Newman about the new puppy we were getting and told him that we would be scheduling an appointment for her. Thank you, we appreciate the reminder.
Things are going pretty well. She is a busy little bugger. John says she is getting more comfortable with us and her new home and that she tends to be getting into more things; she's expanding her horizons so to speak. Tigger is getting a little more comfortable with her, but he doesn't like it when she jumps around and yips at him. He just goes to another part of the house for peace and quiet. Marissa really enjoys her. When we bring Marissa down to the family room, Gretchen likes to jump on her, and Marissa just giggle and giggles. Marissa has little ducky slippers, and Gretchen likes to pull on them. Lotsa fun!
We'll keep in touch and let you know how she makes out at the vet. Take care!

March 7, 2005
Hi Deb! How are you?
We are having a blast with Gretchen. She is so much fun. She is a typical puppy getting into all kinds of things. Marissa's birthday is today; she turns 2. We had her birthday party on Saturday and had both families over, as well as a few friends. Everyone just adored Gretchen, especially my nephews. They kept passing her around taking turns holding her, and she took naps on many different laps. Needless to say, she really enjoyed all the "extra" attention. Tigger and Gretchen kind of get along in a funny sort of way. I think she drives him crazy jumping on him and such. We have to watch them because at times she may yelp or he may growl and hiss at her. Other times they'll both be sitting by the heater vent cuddling with each other. John thinks that Tigger acts like he is a parent to Gretchen. Lots and lots of fun!
Gretchen went to the vet on 02/15/05 for shots, etc. and checked out fine. At that time, she weighed 4 lbs. 3 oz. After that, we stopped by Pet Smart to look at new scratching posts for Tigger. We brought Gretchen in the store, and she was the center of attention.
Congratulations on the new litter of puppies. You are going to be very busy. I hope they're all healthy and do really well. How many puppies are there? Males, Females? Colors? Do they all have homes already? I know you said there was a waiting list for the next litter.
Well, I better go and give Marissa a bath. She's watching TV now, as I had more typing to do.
Nice to hear from you; I was thinking I should be writing you soon. I look forward to hearing from you again.
Take care!