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Feedback on Litter 1 from Rusty's family. I kept his brother and sister Lil Man and Maddellynn.

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October of 2004 Letter

Dear Mom and Dad
I just wanted you to know I like my new family! I have a really big yard to run in, and I can chase all the squirrels I want! I have two really good friends, there's Mitzi, she's just a little bigger than me, and then there's Toby, he's really neat. I like him a lot, we have lots of fun playing together. Some day I want to grow up to be just like him!! We have lots of toys to play with and chew's to chew on, they help keep my teeth clean! Every night when we go down stairs to watch T.V. after dinner, my new mom lets me sleep in her lap. She rocks me just like you use to do! We all sleep in the same room, and we all have our own beds, and every morning after we go out and got potty, we all get treats, and I know just where the cupboard is she keeps them! The other day I had to go potty really bad and forgot how I tell them I had to go outside? Anyway she keeps a wee wee pad down, so I did just what you taught me, I went on it!! She was really proud of me! We all got to go on a camping trip. Boy! did I have fun, we got to go on long walks, and everybody was really nice to me! Well, I guess thats about all for now, hope someday you'll come and visit me!
Love, your son, Rusty xoxo>