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Pictures Taken February 22, 2006, just six days before the birth of her current litter.

Maddy is the first girl we have had since birth. Her mother was one of two of my original now retired girls, the one named Elizabeth. Maddy's father was a stud boy of my friend Cedric, Satchmo has championship bloodlines. Though I would love to have a picture of him I don't at this point.
Maddy is a character. She doesn't hardly ever bark, but, when I am out of her sight for a while and then she sees me she tries to say "mom mom". If she wants a treat of a chewie she tries to say "I want one mom mom" and then she wags her tail and wants me to follow her to the point in the kitchen things are kept and waits happily for the goodies.
Maddy is very camera shy, if she sees the camera she will hide from me. I think it may be the flash she doesn't like. I have to catch her picture quickly or she will be under the couch or in the furtherest corner of the yard. She does the same thing if she sees medicine/wormer.

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September 25, 2003

May 31, 2003

One month, the fun begins.

May 6, 2003

I just opened my eyes aren't they pretty.

I was just a handful when I was 4 days old.


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