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We Do Not Have Any Available Puppies Right Now
Our Next Litter is Due December 24, 2015
Parents Will Be Corina and Nikkos

Our Newest Litter
Born September 8, 2015
Parents are Gwen and Jackson

Photos Were Taken October 21, 2015
All The Puppies Have Gotten A Home and Will Be Meeting Their New Family In November.

Erica's Photo Gallery, Click Here to View
Eddie's Photo Gallery, Click Here to View
Eli's Photo Gallery, Click Here to View

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My Dachshunds

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Puppies that have recently gotten homes.

Jesse's Photo Gallery, Click Here
Jesse has gotten a home and is doing great. It was love when she seen him and even more so now.

James has already gotten a home and is now named Trip and enjoying sleeping with his new mom and dad and playing with the kids.

James's Photo Gallery, Click Here

Working on Getting Updates Over the Past 2 Years Up. I have been ill with a chronic pain disorder and got behind will be working to catch up for the next couple of months.

Recent Updates.

September 10, 2013

Lil Bit's Update Page

Jasper's Photo Gallery, Click Here
Georgie's Photo Gallery, Click Here

Our First Updates

August 27, 2013

Enjoying their new yard.

August 25, 2013

George and Jasper ready to head home to NM. Having a little preflight snack!
Georgie and Jasper's Update Page

Jacob's Photo Gallery, Click Here

Jacob's new name is Oliver and here are his first updates.

September 8, 2013

Oliver is doing great!! Hes such a sweet and calm boy but loves to play too :) We all love him so very much and I wanted to send you some pics so you could see how hes doing! Zac (my boyfriend) and I got him some sweaters for fall the other day he didn't know what to think of them but he liked chewing on the hangar ;) Also, he's going in for his rabies shot the 24th!! Hope all is well!! snack!
Georgie and Jasper's Update Page

August 27, 2013

He is doing great, we love him and he is spoiled. Thanks
Oliver's Update Page

Jennie's Photo Gallery, Click Here
Jennie will be going to her new home in Alaska today.

My First Updates from Alaska

August 19, 2013

This is Penelope, Nellie for short. She is great!!!
Penelope's Update Page

August 25, 2013

She is safe in her new mama's arms.

Recent Updates.

May 29, 2013
From Daisy Joy and Family

Sweetest Daisy! Best Road Trip Doggie.

Daisy Joy's Update Page

August 1, 2013
From Conan and His Family

All around Helpful Pup, LOL.

Conan's Update Page

January 20, 2013

What a difference a few hours make, her are Baxter and Ava playing.

Here are our first VIDEOS
Ava and Baxter Playing for the First Time

Ava Is Learning To Get Sneaky

The ride home was good. We stopped by my mom's in Raymore, MO to show off her new granddoxie. My mom thought she was precious. Poor Baxter, he is feeling very misplaced. He refused to interact with Jim or I on the way home and either stared out the window or at the door handle. We were hopeful he would feel more confident in his home setting, but not especially. He slept at the end of the bed and Ava slept on Jim's arm all night. I tried to coax him closer to me but he refused. It breaks my heart because we don't want him to feel any less loved or 'second'. I realize it may take him some time but I hope it's sooner rather than later. Ava slept really well and is using the Potty Pad like a big girl. I wish she'd eat better. She's picked at a few morsels here and there. I added a couple of drops of honey to her food this morning and she liked it and ate a couple bites of food. Ruby is doing much better with her than Baxter is and Ava has taken to her. Ava seems very happy and runs around wagging her tiny tail and playing. She is a little lover and gives non-stop kisses when you're hold her. I know Baxter will come around before long. This morning he allowed her to come over to sniff him a little but then he ran away...baby (puppy) steps!
We got on the internet last night to read about jealousy and a new puppy. We aren't changing anything about our normal routine around here and gave Bax & Ruby an extra treat last night. Baxter usually lives in one of our laps if he's not playing, so when one of us had Ava in our arms last night, the other had Bax. She is snuggled up in my lap right now and he's in her bed with her blanket...progress. : )
Thank you for the pictures from yesterday. Jim is going to buy a new gadget (I'm not sure what it's called) so that we can download the camera pics to the computer as our old one broke. We'll be taking more pictures today and I'll try to be better at sending them.
If we hear of anyone looking for a puppy, we'll definitely send them your way. You raise sweet, loving dachshunds!
Baxter and Ava's Update Page

December 5, 2012 From Shinobi and Family

After a Hard Workout, It's Nap time for Collin & Shinobi.

November 28, 2012

Best Friends

November 5, 2012

Had so much excitement, He is already exhausted!
He is Soooo Adorable
Collin's New BroHomie
Kiera bonding with our NEW BABY
He is Finally here! Bringing a whole lot of Light to these Dark times! He is absolutely Adorable and a little Scared. Poor baby.

Shinobi's Update Page

July 14, 2012 From Louise and Family

Mom, I am, so over, packing

Louise's Update Page

September 14, 2009
From Lizzy and Lucy and Family

Lizzy and Lucy's Update Page

September 10, 2012
From Leila and Family

Leila is dead asleep! I find her very entertaining :)
Leila's Update Page

May 16, 2012 From Lil Red, Korra and Family

Taken last week...A beautiful day for a drive. L'il Red and Korra were thoroughly enjoying the wind in their hair! (Both were attached to leashes, held tightly by yours truly lol)
Lil Red and Korra's Update Page

April 12, 2012 From Lil Gracie Lou, her friend Pongo and Family

The newest picture of Gracie Lou and Pongo. (Gracie is the Black and Tan)
Lil Gracie Lou's Update Page

May 17, 2012 From Tyrol, Sydney and Family

I am asked all the time how the dogs are with Ella, and I think this Picture Says IT ALL. Late mornin snooze at casa de McKnight.
Sydney and Tyrol's Update Page

November 26, 2011 From Leonardo and Francis

The boys are doing great, here are the latest pictures.
Leonardo and Francis's Update Page

March 14, 2012

Come On Drop Us A Cracker. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 19, 2012 From Kori and Family

A trunk full of Dachshunds. Kori is the one on the left.
Kori's Update Page

February 10, 2012, from Charlie and Family

Linus loves him!!!!! When the puppy cries he runs over and kissed him!
Charlie's Update Page

Pictures Around the House Taken April 25, 2010

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